Sony Greenlights Venom’s Spinoff Film


After years of being a Spiderman fairweather fan, I was in rapture to find out long before the 3rd’s release that one of the nemisi in the film would be none other than my hulking black love. No not Michael Clark Duncan, but the notoriously vile and sinister Venom. After the huge reviews of Spiderman 2, expectations ran high with part 3 rounding out the bunch, but what was unexpected were the lukewarm reviews and terrible fan reaction to Topher Grace’s Venom. His retracting ooze mask to have conversations as Grace was absolutley ludicrous, for the tyrant is known in the series for his deep hissing voice desiring to eat Spidey’s brain.

Not to say Topher isn’t a splendid and charismatic actor, but now we come to the turn in the story to say that Sony has given the go ahead on a Venom starring vehicle. People were so disappointed with the design and portrayal of the big beast that I think they will give it a complete overhaul during the process. At some point when his comic went independent, Venom had stints as a hero for many a series during his run on his own, so it looks like we gotta upgrade to a bigger guy. Venom’s human persona is Eddie Brock, a large opposite of what Topher Grace appeared to be in Spiderman 3, so I think if they go with him we are all in trouble.

So here’s the good news, Zombieland co-writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are scribbling up this badboy so we can rejoice in that. And if we can kick Topher to the curb and get us a monstrous, good spinoff of Venom with him struggling against his evil impulses but ultimately remaining a drooling, hissing, demonturned goodguy….Maybe the fans won’t take to the streets and burn the town down…

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