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It took almost 20 years, but Sony finally did it last fall when Goosebumps arrived in theaters. The anthology of YA horror stories by R.L. Stine was a license to print money in the 90s with several dozen books published, a TV series that ran for four seasons, and lots of spin-offs in the form of games, puzzles, and other merch, but filmmakers just couldn’t crack the formula to turn it into a movie. That changed last year, and the movie was successful enough for Sony to want to invest in a sequel. Now, they’re close to get all the key talent on board to make it happen.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony is closing to closing deals with star Jack Black, screenwriter Darren Lemke, and director Rob Letterman to all return for another Goosebumps. The first movie starred Black as Stine, who in the movie lives as a recluse who’s afraid that his fictional creations will escape the manuscripts they’re magically bound to and cause havoc, which of course they do. Stine then works with his daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush), and her friends Zach (Dylan Minnette) and Champ (Ryan Lee) to put all the monsters back in their books. The film made $157 million at the worldwide box office on a budget of $58 million.

No word yet on a possible start date for the movie, but a Halloween 2017 release might not be out of the questions depending on how quickly Letterman and his team can bring it all together. After all, Sony was talking about a sequel in September 2015, a month before the film was even released. We’ll keep you posted with any updates as they happen.

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