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Being as how they don’t really have much to work with other than Spider-Man properties, the folks over at Sony have been searching for any possibility to keep their super hero franchise expanding. They certainly plan on playing out the Amazing Spider-Man films until the world turns to ash, but they also announced plans to focus on some of Spidey’s villains. Venom and the Sinister Six were two of the names dropped as future movie subjects, and now it looks like the Sinister Six movie has a director all lined up. And that director is none-other-than Drew Goddard.

Perhaps best known for writing and directing The Cabin in the Woods, Goddard is getting plenty of action lately. He’ll be directing the Sinister Six film as well as working on the screenplay. He also happens to be writing the pilot script and acting as showrunner for the upcoming Daredevil series. Then again, he also wrote the script for that ass-crack adaptation of World War Z. So… win some lose some?

If you don’t know who the Sinister Six are, please go back and read some Spider-Man comics. Basically, it’s a team of baddies that band together because they hate Spider-Man. Though the line-up changes with the times, such iconic Spidey villains as Kraven, Sandman, Vulture, Doctor Octopus, Electro and Mysterio formed the original group. Of course, none of those guys except for Electro have entered into the Marc Webb Spidey-verse, so we might see a different group in the upcoming flick.

The big question here is – how the crap are they going to make a movie out of a group of villains? These aren’t anti-heroes. Audiences can’t jump for joy when they slaughter the really bad guys. Are we just going to see the Sinister Six running around doing crimes and shit? Or is there something more to it? What the heck does Goddard have up his sleeve and will it be worth the watch?

While we wait for more information on this one, feel free to check out what Webb is doing when Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits the screens on May 2nd.

What say the Nerd Readers? Can you think of a way that a six-pack of Spider-Man villains can be turned into a movie that people want to see? Or is Sony just being desperate with this play?


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