Dear Internet, James Gunn is not and is not planning to shoot a Howard the Duck movie. No matter how much we all wish he would. Today’s story is just another “Hey the Internet says…” type of story that started with a simple tweet, that lead to a bunch of tweets, that lead to a couple of James Gunn tweets. Follow the bread crumb trail of tweets below.

Here’ the tweet that started it all this morning:

That sound you heard just before you read that tweet was crickets… crickets that you can only hear because there is no other noise to hear. Gunn picked up on this tweet after it got bounced around the Internet and responded saying:

Ouch… right in the creative gonads. The Internet being the Internet meant that it couldn’t give it up and had to start talking about casting… which Gunn also made abundantly clear.

Damn straight! Green is the man, that is his damn role. Gunn did show his fanboy side when someone make a remark about Howard the Duck being a joke character…

Gunn placed another cherry tweet on top of this rumourous sundae saying:

Now Gunn did have another Marvel property that he picked a series for back in 2009:

He went on to clarify that is was for a comic, not a movie.

Would you like to see that comicbook series?

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