Step one was getting Spider-Man back to Marvel Studios in the first place, but step two was figuring out just who the heck was going to spin the yarn (web?) for the next solo Spider-Man film director-wise speaking. It would have to be someone capable of managing a big budget with a thorough understanding of the character – like Sam Raimi – and not an indie success that got lucky with one low-budget hit and drowned in a list of studio demands and notes – like Marc Webb. There’s also two studios to please, and it’s probably hard enough just to please one studio as a choice to direct one of their tentpole franchises. So who could possibly come onto Spider-Man that would please all parties. Well, sources say it’s Cabin in the Woods director Drew Goddard.

According to the usually reliable Latino Review, Goddard is the man, which makes sense for a number of reasons. First of all, he was a connection to Marvel Studios’ golden boy Joss Whedon, having co-wrote Cabin with him and worked under him on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Secondly, Goddard has experience working with both sides of the equation, he was writing the script and was planning on directing Sony’s Sinister Six movie, and he was the original showrunner on Netflix’s Daredevil. Also, Goddard knows how to save a dumpster fire, he wrote the ending that saved World War Z with Damon Lindelof.

Latino Review also went into detail (broadly) about what the new Spider-Man film might look like. First of all, the movie will not walk over Spidey’s origin again, when the movie begins, Spider-Man will already be active. He will also still be in high school, requiring a recasting of the part, which will likely be played by an unknown who can grow into the role, in the words of Latino Review. As for the villain of the film, there will be six of them, as in the Sinister Six. If true, that may help explain as to why Goddard was recruited.

As for the greater context of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Latino Review adds, “A major part of the first film will involve Spider-Man fighting Iron Man and then trying to pass the ‘audition’ to join the Avengers.” Hm, so what does that mean? Is Robert Downey Jr. going to appear in Spider-Man? Will any other Avengers appear since Spidey is “auditioning?” Curiouser and curiouser…

And in a final note, it looks like the movie may be called “The Spectacular Spider-Man,” a naming scheme that follows the comic books and calls back to the last movie series being called The Amazing Spider-Man, perhaps suggesting that each new series will be separated from one and other by being named after a specific Spider-Man comic. How long till we get to the Superior Spider-Man movies?

No matter who’s making it, what it’s about, or even what it’s called, the new Spider-Man movie will be in theaters everywhere on July 28, 2017.

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