You may remember Andrew Garfield’s quite impassioned speech to fans at San Diego Comic Con prior to the release of The Amazing Spider-Man; he made a pretty clear, simply and emotionally plea to fans that he as just as big a Spider-Man fan boy as some of the people in the audience, if not bigger. So it was, shall we say, disappointing when we got Amazing movies that were something less than amazing as Sony and its team on the Spider-Man franchise floundered hopelessly trying to turn out not just big loud new Spider-Man films, but a whole Spider-Man universe. So in the wake of yesterday’s bombshell announcement, there’s still a lot of unanswered questions, but the answer to one of them seems to be that Garfield will no longer be playing your friendly neighborhood web-head.

Multiple reports confirm that, sadly, Garfield is out as the Amazing Spider-Man:

Where’s that, “Oh, you just lost” sound effect from The Price is Right? Seriously though, it’s a shame that Garfield got cast off due to a combination of Sony’s poor franchise management and Marvel’s desire to start from scratch. All-in-all, he was a decent Spider-Man/Peter Parker, easily carrying the physical demands of the role and the comedic zingers and populism of Spider-Man while being a smart and thoughtful Peter. You may disagree, but the problems of The Amazing Spider-Man were not Garfield’s, and I think he was definitely a worthy inheritor to the role, if not even better casting than Toby Maguire. (What happened to him by the way?)

So who might next be called up to exercise great power and great responsibility? Some are saying that the leading contender is Dylan O’Brien, star of The Maze Runner and TV’s Teen Wolf. Former Percy Jackson Logan Lerman will definitely be in the shuffle having past heroic experience, and I think Marvel would have to be crazy not to consider Flash star Grant Gustin, who’s portrayal of the Fastest Man Alive has a definite Spider-Man feel. Unfortunately though I don’t think Marvel’s going to hire The Flash to play Spider-Man. Dark horse candidate? Thomas Mann, star of Project X, who definitely knows how to play an appealing nerd forced to deal with a situation that gets him in over his head.

Don’t feel too bad for Garfield though. He will next appear in the upcoming historical drama by Martin Scorsese, Silence, about two Jesuit priests that travel to Japan to find their lost mentor. He’s one of the priests.

The new Spider-Man, meanwhile, will go solo in his first solo Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure in July 2017.

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