Since there was a Peter Parker, there was a Flash Thompson. For the nebbish, nerdy Peter, Flash was a natural adversary being a typically mindless jock, and the two got on like oil and water while in their Queens high school together. They would become friendly in the years afterward, but if there was a person that could be considered Peter Parker’s arch-nemesis (as opposed to one of Spider-Man’s arch-enemies), it would be Flash Thompson. But it looks like that tradition ends in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming where Flash will no longer be Peter’s bully, and instead be his rival in nerdiness. 

“One of the main differences from the previous movies is that we don’t really have a bully. His main rival is Flash. They have this really funny back-and-forth,” according to Spider-Man himself Tom Holland in the Disney Channel‘s A Fans Guide to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

As you may know, the part of Flash is being played by Tony Revolori in the film, and if you recall him as Zero Moustafa the Lobby Boy in The Grand Budapest Hotel, then you know he’s not exactly an intimidating physical presence even given earlier reports that Revolori’s Flash would still be a bully. Instead, Flash has been reconfigured to be just as smart and scientifically adept as Peter albeit with a chip on his shoulder and family money, and that seems to suit Revolori just fine. “I feel like I’m actually becoming more and more like my character,” he said in the video. “I’m always like the guy you’re like ‘Flash, right?’ and now in real life you’re like ‘Tony, right?'”

Flash has of course appeared in the two previous Spider-Man film series – played by Joe Manganiello in the Sam Raimi films, and Chris Zylka in the Marc Webb films – but his treatment for Homecoming is one of a number of changes made to the Spidey supporting cast for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Will it work out? It’s not much longer till we find out.

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be in theatres everywhere on July 7.

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