Civil War

Marvel’s upcoming film, Captain America: Civil War, is going to be a very emotional affair.  Since Iron Man’s big screen debut back in 2008, Marvel’s talented group of screenwriters and storytellers, not to mention the actors that portray the characters on screen, have managed to weave their witty brand of superheroes into our hearts.  In Civil War, lines will be drawn, alliances will be destroyed, and lives will be lost. Well, thanks to an extra on the set of Marvel’s next big screen bonanza, it appears that the first casualty of Civil War has been revealed.  Obviously, spoilers ahead.

Civil War 2

While it is almost certain that Disney’s security team is more thorough than a dog searching for a meaty bone, somehow, a quick handed extra on the set of Captain America 3 managed to snap the following picture:


That’s right.  Apparently, the love of Steve Roger’s life will pass during Civil WarPeggy Carter (played by Hayley Atwell) has been planted in the MCU since Chris Evans first stepped into the role of Steve Rogers.  In Captain America, she played a big part in making Steve Rogers the man who would eventually become Captain America, and Rogers has since kept her near and dear to his (and our) heart. She wound up with her own small screen series on ABC, Agent Carter, that will be returning next year after a great first season but Peggy hasn’t been seen back on the big screen other than brief appearances in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron, both appearances totaling maybe three minutes of screen time.

For those that are hoping this is a fake, bad news: Marvel has already asked the original poster to take it down, which is a pretty big indication that the image is legit.  Still, as with anything else, take it with a grain of salt, then see for yourself once the movie hits theaters.

Captain America: Civil War storms into theaters May 6, 2016.

Who else do you think will ride the Big Good-Bye in Civil War?

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