It seems that we have now entered the looky-loo phase of production on Iron Fist, which, if nothing else, means that the fourth Netflix series produced by Marvel Studios has officially begun principal photography. As we’re seen time and again, shooting on the streets of New York City looks good on screen, but its a pain in the neck if you’re trying to keep your film or TV show a secret. To wit, the cameras caught a look at Finn Jones as Danny Rand, sadly not in the Iron Fist costume, in what looks like the moment his character turns home to NYC years after the tragic death of his parents.

The looky-loos were out in force yesterday, and they posted their spoils (spoilers?) on social media. Note the old school iPod that Rand is wearing.

In other news, as Danny Rand came home, Marvel announced two more antagonists that he will have to face-off with in order to reclaims his birthright. Casting has been announced on the Meachum twins, Joy and Ward, children of villain Harold Meachum, the character played by the previously announced David Wenham. Joy will be played by Jessica Stroup (The Following) and Ward will be played by Tom Pelphrey (Banshee). In the series, the twins have been building up Rand Enterprises, and their life’s work is threatened with Rand’s return to claim his birthright.

“With the terrific addition of the very talented Jessica and Tom, we’ve now brought the entire Meachum family together,” said Jeph Loeb, Executive Producer/Head of Marvel Television, in a press release. “While Marvel couldn’t be happier, Danny’s mission just got a lot more complicated.”

“I’m very happy to have Jessica and Tom as our Joy and Ward Meachum,” added Showrunner Scott Buck. “Much like Danny Rand’s past is a mystery to us, we’ll discover along the way that the Meachum children have intriguing secrets of their own.”

Iron Fist is presently shooting in New York and will likely air sometime early next year on Netflix.

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