Stan Lee and Avi Arad Team Up to Make a Movie


Stan Lee has become the magical roaming gnome of the comic con circuit, signing baubles and buckling knees with a smile and an oft-repeated utterance of “Excelsior”. It’s surprising that this man is as old as he is and that I am too lazy to Google his age for this article, but he is, and I am, and when he holds court during these panels, taking questions from fans that inevitably dance between the good old days at Marvel and the current state of their film slate, Lee leans heavily on a set of answers that will feel familiar to someone who has seen these shows before, and breathtaking to someone who has not. 

It’s not that Lee is a human pull-string doll with only a dozen phrases; it’s just, how many different ways can you answer the same question?

Luckily, it looks like Lee will have a new question to answer the next time he stands before the huddled masses.

According to a report from The Hollywood Reporter, Lee is teaming up with Spider-Man producer Avi Arad to create a new film that will be based on “a new creation”. Now, when I first heard this news, I instantly thought “bio-pic”, and maybe this new creation stuff will fade back into the ether and it will wind up being that. But if it doesn’t, I’m a bit apprehensive.

Arad knows his stuff, but Lee hasn’t created anything of real value in the last twenty years (sorry Stripperella). Are they just trading on the name to roll-out some new IP and capitalize on the comic movie craze at its apex point?

Details are as slim as the chances that Steve Ditko will appear on Dancing with the Stars, but they are apparently looking for a writer to help them craft the story.

Personally, I hope the story centers around a playboy fragrance engineer who gains superhuman abilities after he almost drowns in a Stan Lee cologne spill. Or, fuck it, maybe it’s just Standor the Cinema Film.

Standor Action Figure


Source: Heat Vision, sans Jack.

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