Star Trek and Star Wars. They are by far the two most recognizable sci-fi series and for years had been the most divisive topic among nerds. By now, most fans have either made a choice, like both equally or lie about which they like best in order to keep their friends or significant other happy. But apparently this new wave sci-fi tolerance isn’t to the liking of William Shatner and Carrie Fisher. These two heavyweights (pun 100% intentional) have rebooted the oldest debate in all of nerdom, Star Trek vs Star Wars.

It all started back in September when Shatner came out claiming Star Trek was superior,

Fisher, outraged, responded with why Star Wars is sooooo much better,

And now we’re back with round two. Shatner fires off good reasons for Star Trek‘s case; Star Wars‘ crappy CGI, Jar-Jar Binks, constant revisions. Then Shatner goes for the low blow questioning Fisher’s bikini-wearing qualifications. They’re definitely not what they used to be.

Not wanting our comment to explode in an angry tirade over which series is better, I’ll phrase my question like this: Who has the better argument, Shatner or Fisher?

Also, who cannot wait what I’m guessing will be a mad and hilarious response from Fisher? (ME!)

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