Watch (and worry) as two real-world robots duel with lightsabers

Anyone worried about the world being taken over by robots (like Will Smith) now has a validation.  Sometimes things are better left alone!

An Exhibit at Shanghai’s International Conference on Robotics and Automation (say that three times fast!) shows a pretty cool duel between two industrial robots.  Now at first they look a little slow, but wait and watch- these damn things could get a nimble as Darth Maul and Luke Skywalker.  Its a pretty cool things to see, but robots with weapons…is this an idea that could lead to machines operated by human-like super computers taking over the world? I certainly hope not.  I would be willing to say that those lightsabers are safely tucked away after the exhibit.  Its kind of creepy to think about the automated arm-like robots being able to pick them up. Is there an off button guys?

That being said, I would kind of like to see a robot vs. Darth Maul.  Or how about a robot faces Obama? He is supposed to be a super-hero right?

Watch and decide who would win vs. these guys…arms…eh, robots works (pretty well I’d say!)

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