The lengths we’re going to in order to get these spy pics of Star Wars Episode VII is getting kind of ridiculous, wouldn’t you say? Like paparazzi at a hot celebrity wedding, some serious Star Wars fans have taken to the air to get a look at the Greenham Common set of the newest Wars movie and have revealed some insight into a major action sequence in the film. You may have already seen the photo of the half-built Millennium Falcon from the set, but that set also includes the next generation of X-Wing fighters. With all new details and paint jobs, the space ships look ready for action, and I’m guessing that we’re going to see some substantial action when Episode VII hits theaters next year.

Via Latino-Review, who have been at the forefront of much of the Star Wars news an rumor mongering, comes these new photos which offer a bird’s eye view of the set. The Falcon we’ve seen, but the new X-Wings are, well, new. One is colored blue and grey while the other one is a sweet black with orange details. According the following description, the blue ones will be flown by the supporting characters and black one will belong to one of the main characters. Read this:

“There are four supporting character who will be X-Wing pilots (or at least pilot an X-Wing, details at this moment haven’t been corroborated). The black X-Wing, undoubtedly the coolest X-Wing and one I will undoubtedly be buying some sort of toy of, belongs to one of our leads. Not sure which one yet, but it’s not Oscar Isaacs, cuz he’s flying the Falcon…Episode VII includes one big action X-Wing fight.”

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the photos.





I don’t think it can be said enough, but isn’t it nice that we have a new Star Wars movie that isn’t going to be a CG orgy? I’m still reserving judgment on the mounting evidence that Episode VII is leaning too much on what’s come before both in terms of characters and props though. Really, no C-Wing or S-Wing fighters?

We’ll have more Star Wars news as it inevitably comes up.

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