Hey, do you remember Pinball – those coffin-shaped boxes where you hit a silver ball around a chaotic playfield? If you thought this game of skill died out in the 90’s, you’d be wrong. Sure, Pinball machines are no longer as prevalent in arcades, bowling alleys, or bars as they once were; but the culture of Pinball is alive and well. Despite the staggering decline in pinball gaming, new machines are being made all the time. Particularly to promote pop movie and television licenses; with such titles as: The Walking Dead, Star Trek, The Avengers, Game of Thrones, Ghostbusters and more.

If the Force isn’t strong in pinball, how about this… Stern Pinball has announced that it is making a special 40th anniversary Star Wars pinball machine! 

The official Star Wars Facebook page revealed a new video where Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik joined in the unveiling. Seen in the video above, is a preview of what the pinball machine looks like.

Its release will mark the latest pinball machine to be based on the franchise, following Data East’s 1992 Star Wars model; Sega’s 1997 revitalization of Star Wars with its own pinball table (based on the original trilogy); and the holographic take on Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace by Williams.


As with previous pinball machines offered by Stern, there will be various designs available, including a Pro, Premium and Limited Edition machine. All of them will showcase the same playfield, but will have completely different designs. The table will focus on the original trilogy, with emphasis on a New Hope.

The design definitely stems from the original trilogy, with side art and front glass resembling images from A New Hope, as well as The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Each machine also has a video screen,  which is likely to display clips from the films intertwined into the action, as we’ve previously seen with Stern Pinball’s Batman ’66 table.

Like all great Pinball games, a table will have toys and unique gimmicks on the playfield. One of the many things this table has going for it: a Millennium Falcon,  hyperspace ramp, which, if hit, will initiate an actual hyperspace jump on the video screen as well – and an exploding Deathstar!

A release date and price haven’t been given on the machine just yet, but it’s expected to release sometime later this year, around the $5999 range for the more limited tables

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