Star Wars: Episode VII casting is revving up and Darth Mickey is naturally looking around for a few big names to help generate more hype for the film (assuming that’s even possible).  And if the rumormill is to be believed, they went so far as to approach Leonardo DiCaprio about a potential role.  But DiCaprio won’t be in the flick, because apparently he said no.  So… Wtf?  It looks like DiCaprio prefers Robotech to Star Wars.

In case you didn’t already know, this awesome-as-fuck anime-turned-US kid’s cartoon is getting made in live-action form for the big screen.  The giant, transforming robots and epic space battles are being put together by the team of Nic Mathieu, Akiva Goldsman and Tobey Maguire.

Personally, I’ve been majorly skeptical about a live-action adaptation of what is one of my favorite animes of all-time.  DiCaprio, however, is known for being somewhat picky about his roles, migrating toward a certain type of film, a type of film that I usually enjoy.  Which, if the rumors are true, means that Robotech might not suck balls after all.

Of course, it’s all still rumor at this point.  But rest assured, if the Nerd Bastards find anything else out about this, we’ll let ya’ll know.


Thanks to GeekTyrant for the heads-up.

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