If you are looking to see the new Star Wars movie opening night, then you might as well see it in a theater in a galaxy far, far away and Alamo Draft House, one of the hippest theater chains in the country, has made that possible.

Omaha, Nebraska is the site of the brand new Star Wars themed theater complete with a 10 foot Death Star in the lobby. The entire lobby is made to look like you have stepped onto an Imperial Star Destroyer.

If you are looking to slake your Wookie sized hunger, step up to the convenient concession stand, but make sure you have standard money, they do not accept Republic Credits at this theater.


Whether you are trying to find the restroom, theater or cell block AA-23, the lobby features handy directions, making finding your way around easier.


And for the weary Sith Lord looking to make a pit stop while waiting for his apprentice to emerge from the rest room after the movie, you can have a seat in your very own Emperor Palpatine influenced throne.


What more could a Jedi want? The Alamo Draft House is known for their attention to the viewing experience for their patrons, and if you ever get the chance, I would highly suggest taking in a movie in one of their theaters. The late night style movies are the best with showing of cult classics like Troll 2. So if you are in the Omaha, Nebraska area, slide on in and take a few pictures to share with us!

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