Things are starting to heat up in the Star Wars Episode VII camp. The first day of principle shooting has begun and there’s the first picture from the set, and an interesting rumor about the possible re-release of the original unaltered trilogy. What does it all mean?

Straight from the set of Star Wars: Episode VII comes this first production still from director J.J. Abrams‘ company Bad Robot‘s Twitter account.

That’s the production’s clapboard featuring the classic Star Wars logo with a May 16th date. For better or worse, it has begun. Did you ever think in your lifetime that there would be another Star Wars trilogy exploring what happened after the Rebellion destroyed the second Death Star? I certainly didn’t.

Now this next bit is a little complicated. It took me a couple of cups of coffee this morning until it sunk in. Our Friends over at BleedingCool came across an interesting email which:

…purports to come from within Disney’s marketing department,  the studio are planning to re-release A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi on DVD/Blu-Ray/On Demand in their original form, without all the things George Lucas changed for the “Special Edition” releases back in 2004.

Now we all know that the new trilogy currently shooting will be linked and marketed as a direct sequel to the original trilogy and for all indicators will pretty much ignore the material in Episodes I, II, and III. Now some are saying that this might mean that Disney is planning on adding those prequel movies to the already declared “Legends” category that the Star Wars Expanded Universe which was declared non-canon a few weeks ago.

Could this mean we’ll get another set of prequel movies, perhaps some solo movies featuring the likes of Yoda, Darth Vader, and Young Ben Kenobi?

This is all rumor at this point, but we all know that some of this conversation must be happening behind the scenes in the Disney offices. Remember the uproar from fans when Lucas declared that the original versions would never be re-released to the public? Imagine the publicity storm that Disney could capitalize on if they did re-release those movies.

Don’t forget the Disney DVD marketing strategy it uses for its animated films. Every seven years they re-release the movie and urge fans to snap them up before they go back into the “Disney Vault.” Will that Disney tradition be expanded to the Star Wars films?

Again, this is really all speculation from one email that discusses the possibility. There’s a long road to hoe from that conversation to the actual re-release or non-canonization of those prequel films. It’s fun to think about though isn’t it?

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