There’s been an AT-AT sighting at the Abu Dhabi set of J.J. AbramsStar Wars Episode VII and it looks like there’s been some trouble for Imperials on Tatooine.

There a  series of copyrighted photos of the Abu Dhabi set posted by Mona Al Marzooqi of The National. You can see one below, and use that link to check out the rest.


What do you think? It’s a lot of tent pictures, but that has to be an AT-AT foot. It makes a lot of sense really. Once the Emperor got chucked down that shaft the rebellion had to pick up steam on other planets.

A planet like Tatooine, with its criminal element wouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of the Empires new weakness to take control. Somebody, or a group of somebodies, had to try to take over the criminal organization once news got out that Jabba was choked out and feeding the Sarlaac pit.

Once word hits the streets that the Empire’s head was cut off, those same criminals wouldn’t hesitate to start cutting Stormtrooper throats.

What do you think?

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