Star Wars Yoga….Yep


Do you like Star Wars?! Want to suck your own dick?! lose those extra pounds?!  Of course you do! Luckily Matthew Latkiewicz (writer and comedian by day) has come up with some let’s just say interesting yoga positions. Why is a grown ass man busying himself with creating ‘new’ yoga poses? He says;

the reason behind taking an inspiration from the Star Wars and using it as a means to promote his yoga is just to encourage the fatty overweight geeks who otherwise do not find yoga that interesting.

Wow, super…berate your target audience. Good job ‘tard.  For illustrations of Downward Facing Wookie, Collapsed At-At, Saber One, X-Wing Extended, TIE Fighter Advanced and Half I Am Your Father, hang out after the jump…For more info on Matthew and his crazy ass Star Wars Yoga Check out his  ‘unbelievable’ blog.  We were wrong for saying he shouldn’t berate his target market, because apparently Star Wars Yoga is being well received. So does this mean we should call you all fat and geeky and you’ll love us more?

downward-facing-wookie (1)collapsed-at (1)star-wars-yoga-x-wing

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