Daredevil has already added Elektra and The Punisher to their cast roster for season two, so who’s next?  It seems Stephen Rider is; you may recognize him from his co-starring role in Lee Daniels’ award-winning film The Butler.  He’ll be portraying a role a little less recognizable than the aforementioned characters, but a key recurring role nonetheless!  So who will he be?

Rider will be playing Blake Tower, a character described by Deadline as a:

“District Attorney for New York City who helps Charlie Cox’s Daredevil — a lawyer in his civilian identity as Matt Murdock — with information to help track down and capture criminals.”

Matt Murdock’s legal career seemed to have taken a backseat plot-wise last season, so this casting choice definitely hints at plans to bring more focus onto that area of his life.
Blake Tower has been popped up in other comics too, in stories involving Captain America, Daredevil, Misty Knight, and She-Hulk. His relatively unknown status will be a plus for the showrunners, arming them with almost unlimited creative freedom for his character.

Daredevil is currently filming their second season, set to air sometime in 2016.

Source: ComicBookMovie

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