The year is 2044. The entire world spends its time plugged into a vast computer generated Utopia called OASIS in an effort to forget the ugly world outside. Does this sound familiar?  If it does, you are no doubt a fan of Ernest Cline’s brilliant novel, ‘Ready Player One’.  Fans of the book, which includes pretty much anyone who has ever read the tale, have plenty to be excited about, now that legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg will be bringing this vision to the big screen. Now, those same fans have even more to be excited about as Spielberg has cast X-Men: Apocalypse’s Tye Sheridan as the one who kicks off a worldwide frenzy in the book, Wade Watts.


The news broke earlier today that Sheridan, who kicked off his career with Tree of Life, will be joining the cast of the upcoming sci-fi film, alongside Oliva Cooke and Ben Mendelsohn, who were previously cast. Sheridan is a very capable actor whose work in the films Mud, Tree of Life, and Joe have all earned at least award nominations, if not flat out wins, for his acting chops.  Those familiar with the story will no doubt take comfort in this casting decision as Sheridan fits perfectly with the part and there is no doubt the production can only gain value by adding the young Sheridan.

For those unfamiliar with the story, ‘Ready Player One’ really gets going once Watts discovers the first puzzle in a series that will eventually lead to a fortune, not to mention fame and glory. Once he finds the first puzzle, he is joined by other competitors that are willing to do anything to get to the fortune first.  The story is somewhat nostalgic while being completely futuristic, which should give Spielberg plenty of material to play with.

Hollywood seems to be getting this adaptation right but only time will tell and fans will be able to judge for themselves when the film hits screens on March 30, 2018.

Are you a fan of the story? How do you feel about this casting?

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