Victory is Life, the newest update to the Star Trek Online (STO) MMO game, launches June 5th.  The new content focuses on Deep Space Nine.  This is the fourth major expansion to the game.

For the first time Captains will be able to play as the Jem’Hadar and interact with ten of the original cast members from the show.  To help prepare players for the new content the creators of the game put together a list of episodes from that series that relate to the story line in the game.  Don’t have time to watch the episodes?  Nerdbastards has got your back…here is a run down on those episodes and how they might tie in to the game.


Season 1: Episode 13  Battle Lines

Kai Opaka (Camille Saviola), the spiritual leader of the Bajorans, visits the station and convinces Sisko (Avery Brooks) to take her through the wormhole  With Dr. Bashir  (Alexander Saddig) and Major Kira (Nana Visitor), they travel to the gamma quadrant and find themselves investigating a distress signal.  They find a planet with a network of satellites and are attacked as they draw close.  The Runabout crashes on the moon and Opaka dies from injuries sustained in the crash.

They are then captured by a group called the Ennis.  Sisko finds out from their leader that the denizens of the moon have been at war with another group for a very long time.  After a pitched battle with the other group, with deaths on both sides, Opaka turns up alive and well.  It seems that the moon is a prison planet where a form of nanotechnology keeps the people from dying as part of their punishment.  They are doomed to fight the war for eternity as a lesson to others.  Kira has to face that these people have a lot in common with her and she begins her personal healing process

The worst side effect, however, is that once revived they can never leave the planet.  When O’Brien and Dax show up to rescue them, Kai Opaka stays behind to try and teach them peace.  She tells Sisko their paths will cross again.

CONCLUSIONS:  There are a lot of ripe possibilities in this first episode.  The game could include a visit to the moon or find that a method to shut down the nanotech keeping everyone stuck on the moon has been created.  Since the episode never reveals who imprisoned them there, the game could reveal it was the Dominion that did this.

There is also a chance that Kai Opaka could somehow return via the game.  Camille has not been announced as a cast member, but they do like to surprise fans from time to time.

Season 2: Episode 26 The Jem’Hadar

Sisko tries to plan a bit of father/son time with Jake (Cirroc Lofton), to help Jake with a science project.  They are going to go on a camping trip through the wormhole, but Jake invites Nog (Aron Eisenberg) who he wants to be his partner on the project.  Quark (Armin Shimmerman) has been trying to convince Sisko to allow ads on the station monitors, after getting a no, he uses Nog as an excuse to tag along.

Once they reach the planet in the Gamma Quadrant that they are going to survey, Quark quickly makes a nuisance of himself.  When Nog runs off in embarrassment and Jake goes to find him a stranger comes into their camp, Eris (Molly Hagan).  Just as she starts to run off again several warriors appear and take them all captive.

While Jake and Nog search for them, Sisko befriends Eris who seems to know a lot about their captors, the Jem’Hadar and their bosses the Dominion. While they plot their escape a Jem’Hadar warrior visits DS9 and tells them they have Sisko as a captive.  Their ultimatum is that no ship will be allowed to come through the wormhole any longer.  The warrior throws down a padd filled with info on ships they have destroyed as incentive.

With the help of the captain of the Galaxy class ship, Odyssey, they plot a rescue.  Meanwhile, with the help of Quark they escape and get beamed to safety by the rescue team from the station.  At the last second, when they are in retreat, the Jem’Hadar make a suicide run and destroy the Odyssey.  Quark figures out Eris is not who she seems to be and she escapes at the last second with a long range transporter.  They all know that a new adversary has revealed itself.

CONCLUSIONS: It is obvious that the makes of STO wanted players to see this episode to familiarize themselves with how the Dominion works and how dangerous the Jem’Hadar are.  This first viewing didn’t show them in much action, but it did show their superior tech and dedication to the Founders.  The game is unlikely to have direct relations to this episode…this is just a primer.

Season 3: Episode 1 & 2 The Search

This two part episode started the 3rd season off with a bunch of changes.  The first change was the introduction of the U.S.S. Defiant and the return of the Dominion from the previous episode (The Jem’Hadar).

The new ship has a Romulan cloaking device that the Romulans loaned Starfleet in exchange for intelligence on their new enemies.  They decide to test the strength of the ship immediately and go to the Gamma Quadrant.  The cloak seems to work as they avoid the Jem’Hadar and find a communications relay station.  The Jem’Hadar strike while they are investigating.  Kira and Odo escape and head to a nebula that he feels drawn to.

It turns out his people are the Founders, the leaders of the Dominion.

In the second part, Odo joins the “Great Link,”a state in which all the shape-shifting Founders join together as one.  The rest of the DS9 command crew find each other after being forced to abandon the Defiant, and upon returning to the station find out that the Federation is negotiating with the Dominion.  Admiral Nechayev (last seen on the season 2 episode The Maquis) has cut the Romulans out of the negotiations which worries Sisko.

While looking for Odo, Kira finds a locked door.  She is curious why shapeshifters would need a locked door.  Back on the station tensions rise and the Federation seems to cede the station and the wormhole to the Dominion.  Sisko gets Bashir, Dax, Garak and O’brien to help him collapse the wormhole forever, while Odo agrees to help Kira access the secrets behind the locked door.  This leads to a Jem’Hadar confrontation and the reveal that Sisko and the rest of the crew are really in a simulation to determine how much they would sacrifice to avoid war.  Odo demands his friends be released and returns with them to the station.

CONCLUSIONS: There is a lot to unpack in these two episodes.  The use of subterfuge again seems to be the Dominion method.  They don’t like to attempt a take-over without all the possible information that might assist them in winning any confrontation.  It is likely that the planet of the Founders will appear in game and like previous episodes in the game things are often not what they appear to be.  It is likely that some kind of red herring will be thrown at players when the new expansion comes out.

Season 3: Episode 6 The Abandoned

An infant is found in a ship that Quark purchases as salvage.  The boy grows at a phenomenal rate.  In just a few hours, he develops to the level of an eight year old.  Bashir determines that he was genetically engineered.  As he continues to grow his aggression and reverence for Odo reveals that he is a Jem’Hadar.

During this, it is revealed that Jake is dating an older woman named Mardah, who is a Dabo girl.  Sisko believes he must end the relationship.

Starfleet wants to study the boy, but Odo intervenes and gets Sisko to let him try to control the boy.  His drives keep him bent toward a life of violence.  When it is discovered that Starfleet has sent a ship to get him, he gets a phaser and refuses to be taken by them.  Odo insists on returning him to his people through the wormhole, Sisko agrees.

In the end, Sisko lets Jake continue the relationship because it revealed a new side of his son to him.

CONCLUSIONS: This episode provides insight on how the Jem’Hadar develop.  That information will come in handy for players that decide to try the new faction in game.  The young Jem”Hadar from the episode will return in the expansion.  The devs have stated that, “That same Jem’Hadar, Dukan’Rex, is now an Elder First, and will be a central character to the story of Victory is Life.”

Season 4: Episode 7 Starship Down

The senior staff of DS9 take the Defiant to secret trade negotiations with the Karemma.  The Dominion opposes any trade with the Alpha Quadrant and sends Jem’Hadar to interrupt them.  The ship is crippled.  Dax tries to repair the engines so they can escape the atmosphere.  She succeeds but is almost blown out of the ship when the hull is breached.  Dr. Bashir seals off the breach with Dax and him still inside.  They are presumed lost by their shipmates.

A live Jem’Hadar torpedo has lodged itself into the hull.  Quark and the Karemma rep plan to diffuse the bomb.  They eventually destroy the Jem’Hadar ships and escape.

CONCLUSIONS: The Karemma will likely be in the new missions as they are a known species in the game.  Quark had his connections to them strengthened in this episode so it would not be surprising to have him involved with them again.

Season 4: Episode 9 The Sword of Kahless

This episode has deep ties to the past.  It references Worf’s dishonor, his finding of the “Emperor,” a clone of Kahless, and brings back Kor (John Colicos) the first named Klingon in the Original Series.

Kor has been given a shroud that once held the fabled Sword of Kahless (a bat’leth).  When his friend, Dax, verifies its age and origin, she joins him on his quest for the weapon.  Kor does not care for Gowron and so he invites Worf along, knowing that there is no love between the two Klingons.

They find the resting place of the sword in the Gamma Quadrant but Toral, son of Duras (who led to Worf’s dishonor), had tracked them and shows up to take the weapon and try to claim the leadership.  A short battle ensues and Worf is wounded but the three escape with the sword into the caves.

The two Klingons begin to behave strangely as they both believe they should carry the sword and reunify the empire.  When Toral shows up again a fight ensues where after dispatching their enemies, the two warriors begin to fight for possession of the sword.  Dax stuns them and manages to get them back to their waiting Runabout in orbit.  They agree to beam the sword into space so that someone else may find it in the future.  They believe it was their destiny to find the sword, just not to keep it.

CONCLUSIONS: This is first episode on the developers list that was unexpected.  This must mean that the sword, Worf, the House of Duras, etc. will have some important part to play in the expansion.  With no Jem’Hadar or Dominion connections in this episode, the inference is strong that the Sword of Kahless will return in the game.

There is also the fact that the Hur’q (Klingon for foreigner) have returned in game already.  Since they were the ones that took the Sword long ago and it was found in their museum, it is likely their race will also play an important part of the expansion.

Season 6: Episode 10 The Magnificent Ferengi

Quark and Rom’s mother, Ishka (Cecily Adams) is taken captive by the Dominion.  Grand Nagus Zek, who she was having an affair with, offers a reward to Quark to rescue her.  A team is Ferengi is assembled to carry out the mission.  It includes Nog, Rom, Brunt, Leck, and Gaila.

Running simulations they find that they aren’t great at being commandos, so they decide to do things the Ferengi way…negotiate.  They travel to Empok Nor (an abandoned Cardassian station) for the exchange of their captive, a Vorta named Keevan for Ishka.

The Jem’Hadar arrive and their Vorta, Yelgrun (Iggy Pop) agrees to the exchange but the truth that Quark was lying to the group about the size of the reward results in Gaila trying to shoot Quark and hitting Keevan, killing him.  Using a neural stimulator, they fake Keevan being alive long enough to do the exchange and then manage to capture Yelgrun who they will take to Starfleet.

CONCLUSIONS: While there are Jem’Hadar and Dominion bits in this episode, it is more likely that the tie in for the game is related to Rom, who is Grand Nagus in the game.  An official post by the developers states, “The Grand Nagus will have a big part to play in the battle against the Hur’q.”

Season 6: Episode 19 In the Pale Moonlight

Sisko decides he must bring the Romulans over to the side of the Federation after a loss of a starship due to the Romulans allowing a Dominion ship through their territory.  He has to make greater moral and ethical compromises to get it done.  He enlists the help of Garak (Andrew Robinson), whose contacts all end up dead shortly after speaking with him.

They decide to forge a fake recording of Damar and Weyoun discussing plans of a Romulan invasion.  When it is shown to a Romulan senator who discovers the forgery and departs furious and vowing to expose the deception, Garak plants a bomb on his ship.  When the ship is destroyed, Garak admits placing the bomb and says that now any damage on the forged recording will make it more believable.  The Romulans find it in the wreckage and join the Federation in fighting the Dominion.

Sisko erases his log entries pertaining to the incident.

CONCLUSIONS: Since it was announced that Andrew Robinson would return to the part of Garak for the expansion, it is likely that he will still be living in the grey area of existence as a spy.

Season 7: Episode 25 What You Leave Behind

The final episode begins with the preparations for the final, decisive offensive in the Dominion War.  En route to the battle, Sisko encounters his mother, Sarah, a prophet of Bajor.  She tells him that his journey’s end “lies not before you, but behind you.”  Meanwhile, Garak, Kira, and Damar incite a revolt on Cardassia Prime and sabotage the power grid, cutting off communication between the Dominion fleet and the command center.

A Cardassian city is destroyed by the Founder which results in Cardassian soldiers turning on their former Jem’Hadar allies.

Odo cures the diseased Founder (Salome Jens) and she surrenders on the condition that Odo will cure the rest of the Founders by joining the Great Link permanently.

A peace treaty is signed on Deep Space Nine and the crew celebrate in Vic’s Lounge.  Sisko goes to the Fire Caves on Bajor and fights with Ducat and Kai Winn who are trying to release the Pah-wraiths.  He dies with Dukat in the caves, but visits Kassidy (Penny Johnson) in a vision.  He vows to one day return.

O’brien leaves to teach at the Academy, Odo joins the Founders, and Worf becomes the Federation Ambassador to Qo’noS.  Kira becomes the station commander and as usual breaks up a betting ring that Quark is running.

CONCLUSIONS: As the final episode a lot of storylines were tied up finally.  Odo returned to his people, Kira became the station commander, and the rest of the crew dispersed across the galaxy for new adventures of their own.

We know that Odo returns to the Alpha Quadrant in the expansion and that will bring Kira (who has become Kai to her people in the intervening years) back to the station.

We know that besides them Quark, Rom, Nog, Martok, Dr. Bashir, Garak, Weyoun, Brunt, Leeta, and the female founder will all return for the expansion.

There are far too many options with that many returning cast members to be sure of what is coming next week.  What are your thoughts on the expansion?  What storylines would you like to see revisited?

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