Street Fighter II Maniac

Ok, so this guy really loves Street Fighter II. So much that he not only developed the ability to mimic all the sound effects, he also had to make a video to demonstrate this marginal talent to the world. This is the guy at the video arcade (That’s a place where all us old style gamers used to HAVE to go to play stand up video games in a darkened, dusty, epileptic inducing, strobe lite store at the mall.) that you would want to punch in the face. He’s playing the game, making every sound effect, annoying the crap out of everyone in a 15 foot radius, and probably on his break from the Orange Julius downstairs.

Watch the video, if you don’t want to sucker punch this guy in the neck after 27.5789 seconds I will come to your house and let you pull one full hand of hair off my chest. I’m “Chewbacca Hairy” there so you won’t be disappointed.

P.S. – I put this under the funny video catagory because there isn’t one for “Irratating Video Crap.”

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