Super Hero Round Up? All the little Superhero movie bits that you should know about, but just don’t make a full post on their own.

Curious on what Marvel Studios’ future plans are? We are too! We were all prepared to fly to the Marvel home office and take president of production Kevin Feige (Feeeeeeeeeige. Ha! that’s fun to say) out for some cake and milk and inquire on what Marvels thought process is and whats ahead in the pipeline. Fortunately for us (money we saved on travel will go to MOAR pr0n) the jolly fucks at Box Office Magazine did all the work for us. They came to him with some well prepared questions. Feige responded (how nice of him). Speaking in-depth on maintaining standalone stories for upcoming films, Feige also made some mentions to a Doctor Strange (FYI I got The Doors “People Are Strange” song stuck in my head) flick and also briefly spoke on Iron Man 3, as well as sequels for Thor and Captain America.

HIT THE JUMP for interview excerpts, as well as other super hero movie info.

How much do you think of each new Marvel movie in the context of the larger cinematic universe, as opposed to being a self-contained story?

They’re all developed separately—they’re all developed on their own with the sole intent of making the best movie possible for this character. We do have timelines and various markers that we like to keep track of across the movies, and head into future movies potentially. But that’s always sort of the seasoning as opposed to the actual ingredients of the movie. We’re in very early stages of talking about the story for Iron Man 3 with our writer-directors on that, and the discussions have been only about Tony Stark and Tony Stark’s story and what we feel like putting him through in this movie. There’s been no discussion of the connection between the other worlds, and there may not ever be a discussion about that. But again, it’s the comics. In some comics, the heroes are standalone completely, and in other comics, they team up or gather into the Avengers. So it’s always about whatever is the story we’re telling. In the Thor film, the inclusion of SHIELD was based on the need for a Black Ops, for a CIA, for a Men in Black-type organization, and we had the end of that movie, before we had the beginning of Avengers, because we need these movies to work as their own movies—because that’s what they are. If it were really just about making a bunch of small movies that led up to other movies, they would be a third of the cost and it would be a whole different exercise.

How many of your upcoming projects will operate in the same world as your current and previous adaptations, and how many won’t fit or won’t be connected?

Well, because they all come from the comics, and the comics for the most part, 90% of them is a shared universe, it’s just assumed that they all take place within this universe. How much we go out of our way to play with that or suggest that depends on what the character is. Doctor Strange, which is only in long-lead development and has been for many years, has got one of the best origin stories of any of our characters, and like Thor taps into the cosmic world, he taps into this magic world. So between introducing Stephen Strange and making him the Sorcerer Supreme, exploring this sort of unabashedly magic side of the universe, I don’t know how there would be room for Tony Stark to show up and wave, or have the Hulk come barreling down the street. I don’t think there’s the need.

You have a number of upcoming projects listed on the always-reliable IMDB. How many of those are being actively developed at the same time?

I think really what that is is a list of stuff that we have worked on at one point or another over the last ten years. Ant-Man certainly is, and it’s something we hope to do soon with Edgar [Wright, director of Shaun of the Dead], although we’ve not announced anything yet. I mean, really the official stuff is Avengers and then Iron Man 3—those are the most active, of course. As I said earlier, Don Payne is working on the story for Thor 2, should we be so lucky, and our writers, Chris Markus and Stephen McFeely, who did Captain America for us, are starting to work on Captain America 2 because if we are going to make a sequel, we want to be ready, we want to be prepared for it. But we’re not focusing a whole lot of attention on that right now because we’re focusing on the first ones—and without that, there won’t be anything else. And then there’s the wish list—there’s Doctor Strange, which I’ve been talking about for years, and Black Panther, more of the blue-sky development that comes down the line.

For the FULL review head on over to Box Office Magazine. It’s makes for some good toilet reading material.


It’s fair to say y’all know what the story of Captain America: The First Avenger is. Scrawny man wants to join army. Scrawny man gets rejected. Scrawny guy takes some super juice. Scrawny guy turns into Captain America and then fights the Nazis and some dude with a skull for a face (a red one).

But, that doesn’t spoil the movie for you now does it?

This months issue of French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique however, does us a favor and gives plenty of spoiler-filled plot details. Including new information that says Ant-Man and The Wasp will appear in The Avengers (what the deuce?) We also have a new photo of a HYDRA soldier (pictured about).

BRING ON THE SPOILERS (FYI these details were translated from French, so they may be a little stinky. HA! Stinky, because the French smell. Get it?)

The film is set at 95% during the Second World War, but it starts today, for extracting a block of ice containing a mysterious figure, block located in the wreckage of a giant bomber. The film also ends in our time.

– The Shield: It is manufactured by Howard Stark, and the white parts are vibranium an indestructible alloy created by Stark Industries [vibranium it is therefore artificial, different from natural vibranium Wakanda, home of the Black Panther] . In his “discovery” in the present, the shield of Captain America will be alongside the hero in the ice.

– Skull and Red Cube: The Cosmic Cube is hidden in a church in Norway. Red Skull uses a tank to enter. The Cube is used to power a variety of vehicles, including the famous giant bomber, carrying bombs have targeted major U.S. cities and European capitals.

– Bucky and the Invaders: Bucky Barnes, and soldiers freed a camp of the HYDRA form a group called the Invaders [But then where are the Howling Commandos? Normally, the Invaders team is composed of superheroes as Namor, the origins Torch, Toro, Union Jack, Spitfire …].

– An error / a Freudian slip? Stephen Broussard co-producer discusses the meeting of superheroes in 2012 as follows: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp in the Avengers movie. [Until now, the presence of Hank Pym and his wife has always been rejected.]

– A subject of the movie Iron Man 2 was used in Captain America [???].

Jesus, let the Antman/Wasp thing die… They’re not appearing in the ‘Avengers’. The French don’t have their shit right. Or do they? *shakes head* Nope, no they don’t. The French are stupid. Then again, they did get all this plot information before the US did. Regardless, there will be no HANK PYM or WASP in ‘Avengers’ (they would have announced it by now before they started filming). NOT HAPPENING.



Speaking of ‘The Avengers’, Chris Hemsworth, The god of thunder himself, talked with LATimeswhat aspect of the movie he’s most looking forward too, as well as what the chances are of seeing Cap and Thor face off…

On If We’ll See Thor’s Hammer Hit Captain America’s Shield:

“I’m sure that’s up there on the list of possibilities, that would be something to see at some point,” the star of “Thor” said cryptically when asked if his character might tussle with Captain America in the classic Marvel tradition of superhero sparring. “I’ve thought about that too.”

What He Thinks About Thor And Captain America: TFA Facing Off In The Box Office:

“I have brothers so I know about competing with someone at the same time you’re cheering for them,”

What He’s Most Excited For

“Jeremy, Chris Evans, Scarlett, Mark Ruffalo, all of them, wow, it’s going to be fun,” said Hemsworth, who before “Thor” was best known to American audiences for a fleeting appearance in the J.J. Abrams “Star Trek” film. “I really feel like a fan in all of this because I’ve seen all these individual characters come to life. Now to throw them together, you feel like a kid in a way, there’s really a giddy feeling. I’m looking forward to being in a room with not just those actors but those characters, these larger-than-life characters, and seeing how that turns out. I want to see how Captain America and Thor and Iron Man react to one another.”

How He Feels About Working With Joss Whedon On The Avengers:

I’ve worked with Joss on ‘Cabin in the Woods’ — he wrote it with Drew Goddard and Drew directed but Joss was on set and very collaborative with ideas, so I got a sense of his personality and who he was. So I feel less cautious now, knowing him and really liking him. I’m really excited to work with Joss and to see where he takes Thor and all of the Marvel characters.”

The Avengers Is Currently Filming & Is Set For A 2012 Release

-via LATimes

( Like the trailer below, this poster was fan-made. Just an FYI)


I didn’t really want to include this fan-made trailer in this compilation of super hero movie news, because… IT’S NOT NEWS. However, it’s so damn good that I couldn’t pass it up.

Knowing all the players involved in the 3rd flick (including the latest additions of Gordon Levitt and Marion Cotillard) some fan (with too much time on his hand) spliced together clips from close to 20 films and crafted a Chris Nolan worthy trailer.

I dunno about you, but this trailer got me so pumped for Nolans threequel. The movie is going to be epic and a great way to end off the trilogy. Also those who are still worried about Tom Hardy cast as Bane, then go see Bronson on Netflix. The guy was a monster and will revolutionize the way we will interpret Bane.

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