What happens to all that Super hero news that gets put out into the Internet for everyone to read that doesn’t quite need a full article? Well we here at Nerdbastards screen it, pat it down for anything illegal (none of that TSA crap), and waved it on through to the Super Hero roundup. Let’s start off with that super-sized gamble of a show NBC is bringing to TV called Wonder Woman.

Hit the Jump for Wonder Woman, Martin Sheen Talks Uncle Bens Death, Scene Descriptions For Dark Knight Rises and MORE photos from the set.

Nobody outside of NBC has seen the pilot series, except for a select few (we tried to get in but security is quite big). One individual had a sit down with geekshow and they has posted the interview about the new Wonder Woman pilot episode. The interview begins with a non-spoiler review of the pilot before moving on to SPOILER heavy discussions.

Those that want to hear the entire 30 minute interview (and spoilers) can listen to it here, as for those of you that don’t want your Wonder Woman cherry popped here’s some key events from the pilot:

  • The pilot will feature 2 costumes; the one seen in the set pictures with cloth like pants and red boots, and the classic “bathing suit” which is described as looking the better of the two by a million miles. The costume she ends the pilot wearing is the classic “bathing suit” costume. The one that was first shown in Entertainment Weekly, with the blue boots and shiny pants, will thankfully not appear in the pilot.
  • Despite some cheesy dialogue most of the actors are described as good, especially Adrianne Palicki (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman) and Tracie Thoms (Etta). However Justin Bruening (Steve Trevor) is described as “awful”, lacking charisma and he even suggests recasting or scrapping the character altogether.
  • The action is described as over the top with a needless amount of violence, with Wonder Woman killing people and using her Lasso of Truth as a whip.
  • The script and dialogue is described as overly cheesy, with Wonder Woman even saying “tits”.
  • Despite the pilot’s flaws the reviewer says if this was the first episode of a T.V series he would tune in for the next episode, BUT only if the script showed improvements, as it currently “feels like a David E. Kelly show” and not a Wonder Woman show

In short, the pilot is considered to be “really really average”, like watching season 4 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer over again. Adrianne Palicki and Tracie Thoms are a great dynamic as Wonder Woman and Etta respectively, and Justin Bruening as Steve Trevor is “awful”. Hopefully the pilot doesn’t die (knock on wood) like Spider-man’s Uncle Ben in the Amazing Spider-man.

Currently in production The Amazing Spider-Man,being shot entirely in 3D, will be released on July 3rd, 2012. The Marc Webb directed film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, Campbell Scott, Irrfan Khan, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field. Secret Goonies fans HeyYouGuys.com chatted with “Uncle” Ben Parker, a.k.a Martin Sheen about his role in the rebooted franchise and his eventual death onscreen:

“I’m not in any of the scenes where he’s Spider-man. He’s still a little boy. He’s a teenager when it starts. I’m a surrogate father really, I’m his uncle. And so all of our scenes are just like you and I talking now. I’m dealing with this adolescent who is having problems with changes, with hormones changing and his getting out of hand. I have to give him the marching orders and so forth. It’s all very normal.

“I was delighted and we had a wonderful time… I’ve never seen him in the uniform, I’ve never seen any of the stunts, any of the special effects, the green stuff. All my stuff is like normal acting and I don’t do anything with him otherwise. I’m dead in reel one y’know. I don’t do the end until I’m in New York. In April and May, that when I finish up with him. That’s where I get shot. There’s no special effects for me, that’s for the other characters.”

The Amazing Spider-Manis currently filming in New York City with Andrew Garfield, Martin Sheen and the rest of it’s main cast. Until we get to see some 3D web-slinging how about why don’t we check in on Gotham’s Dark Knight and Christopher Nolan‘s next project Dark Knight Rises.

As shooting takes place in Jodhpur, India Batman set photos have become an almost weekly occurrence. The first two images were taken from an unknown Indian newspaper. The first picture (seen above) clearly shows a helicopter flying over the Mehrangarh Fort. An Imax aerial shot was apperently planned, but the helicopter was said to have never gotten off the ground that day. Judging by what your looking at however they must have been full of hot air. Take another look at the pictures of the apparent “Lazarus Pit”! Could it be that Tom Hardy was also on set? How about Josh Pence, is that him shopping in town?

The set pictures are nice and all but just what exactly were they shooting that day on set? Doing some Batman style detective work and checking out ComicBookMovie.com The people on set gave up some pretty interesting details on the particular scene being filmed on the location. They claim to have gotten the information from crew members.
-Warning: Spoilers Ahead-

“Eyewitnesses and crew members told us of a particular scene being filmed, where a bald-headed child wearing ragged clothes emerges from the well and pulls his hood over his head. From the conversations, we reckon this is a young Bane, emerging from a vat of Venom, trained by Pence’s Ra’s al Ghul. The years of addiction to Venom builds him to be a massive monster with amped up senses, intelligence and physical prowess.”

Doesn’t all this hero news just make you all warm and fuzzy in the nerdy nether regions, it’s like getting the last piece of cake on The Biggest Loser.

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