Super Mario Bros Chat Roulette


By now you’ve probably heard about the online sausage party called Chatroulette, in which random strangers are connected via their webcams and have a chance  to chat , or in most cases, show off their junk.

I’ve Chatrouletted long enough to know nothing good is gonna come out of it (there’s like 1/50 chance of seeing a vajayjay versus a penis), but when you add Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros in the picture, it is a whole different story.

You may not expect much from the following video, but the moment it starts off with these two getting repeatedly “Nexted” (People either have no sense of humor or just hate Mario) and them responding with ” Hello! aww Hello! aww Hello! aww Hello! aww He aww…. Hello! it’s a me aww” will have you rolling. And, that’s just the start. The video gets even more comically better as it progresses. The guys are witty and just plain hilarious.  Mario and Luigi are sure to put a smile on your face.

And, what’s even more amazing is that in their entire time on Chat Roulette they didn’t run into any pervs. Seriously, not one dick. Which, I believe is the first sign of the apocalypse.

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