These guys are a hoot, “Maxim in one hand, joystick in the other.” If you haven’t taken the Cleverlys plunge then you haven’t bathed in the glory of smooth Bluegrass bliss. Grab a Bud, get the woman in your life to put on her “Daisy Dukes,” and dance on the front porch while listening to the twang and thump of these Bluegrass geniuses.

The Cleverys consistently produce translations of today and yesterdays hits into the Bluegrass style. Songs like “Your my Angel; I Got a Feeling; and Wanna be a Billionaire,” will bring a smile to your face, start your toes tapping, and touch that place in your chest that makes you feel all squishy inside. They recently decided to turn their attention to the classic video game tune, Super Mario Brothers Theme. Take a listen to the video below, there are other great Cleverly hits to check out after the break.


Via: GeeksareSexy

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