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If you thought the just-announced Justice League movie was the pinnacle of DC movies then you were wrong. Nope, Justice League might just be the very beginning.

If a new report is true, Warner Bros. is diving headfirst into the DC movie game. How many more comic book films based on DC properties are they planning? Rumor has it nine projects are in development. That’s right, nine. I swear to God, if Martian Manhunter isn’t one of them…

The story, which comes from the Wall Street Journal (subscription required), doesn’t say which characters will be getting the big screen treatment. Obviously Joseph Gordon-Levitt is working on Sandman so that’s one. A Fables movie is in development so that’s your second. That leaves seven more. Seven! Let’s get the obvious ones out of the way: Green Lantern (again), Wonder Woman (hopefully!), maybe Robin getting his own movie or Cyborg getting his? The list goes on and on. What other DC mainstays could be flying into theaters?

This is a big time for DC and Warner Bros. After Man Of Steel, both parties are very, very eager to put it to Marvel and prove they can make a plethora of superhero movies too. They have more to offer than just Batman and Superman and they want to prove it. But they should be careful. Very, very careful. Take your time, DC and WB, don’t rush this thing. Sure, there are plenty of chances for success but there is also ample room for disappointment. Remember Green Lantern? Remember how excited people were before that movie came out? Remember how utterly awful that piece of trash was? These things can’t be rushed and, sad to say, a lot of what WB and DC is doing feels rushed. They’re playing catch-up with Marvel and that’s never a good position to be in.

But you can’t say you’re not excited at the possibilities, despite what challenges they present. That’s the life of a movie fan: always walking the tightrope between sheer excitement and sheer dread.

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