It’s safe to say the superhero movie season for 2012 is upon us. Yes, we kicked it all off with Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. (hey, nowhere to go but up, right?) It’s probably time we checked in how the long list of cape and tights movies are coming along. It’s time for a Superhero Round-Up

Guess what, The Avengers is only is only 65 sleeps away! Yes, that means we are going a little heavy this week on Joss Whedon‘s Iron Man and friends movie, including a classy recut of the trailer, some clips of dialogue and even a huge spoiler of a reveal on who the big bad not Skrull alien army is. Speaking of dialogue, even though Man of Steel is part of next years rush of superhero movies, Michael Shannon (the new General Zod) has gave us a hint of the many Zodly things he will say.

Oh yeah, as for Ghost Rider, well, someone thought it was good enough to snatch up the TV airing rights for it quick with a pile of other movies.

Find out who after the jump (or… in the title of the post… damn it)

It looks like TV network FX has been picking through the discount DVD bins of the future, Deadline is reporting that the Fox basic cable offshoot has nabbed the rights to air the recently released Ghost Rider: Spirit of VengeanceJosh Trank‘s found footage/superhero flick Chronicle, and Tarsem Singh’s Immortals. The feather in this cap is that FX  also picked up the rights to air the fourth Underworld installment, Underworld Awakening. I know, I was shocked too, they actually made a fourth Underworld movie? Was it on a dare?

Just in case you had  forgotten, Joss Whedon is making a movie about earths mightiest heroes, AKA The Avengers. I know it’s hard to remember, we only see 20 or so things about it on any given day. Here’s three you shouldn’t miss. Up first, who are the alien bad guys? Apparently this dude knows, to bad he didn’t know he wasn’t suppose to blurt it out over the internet. A host of the 2012 Toy Fair was running through a bunch of the toys on the Marvel web series The Watcher and apparently spoils one of the best kept secrets from the movie. Video is cued up to where it causally says the name of the alien race.

Yep, it looks like the aliens Loki uses to battle Earths Mightiest Heroes are The Ord, which indecently were created by Joss Whedon during his Astonishing X-Men run. Makes sense, but it could be a mistake/red herring.

Next it’s the Avengers trailer as a silent movie, which is so totally topical after the Artist won best picture at the Oscars. See how topical and shit we are?

Oh please let “to the kitchen with you” be actual dialogue from the movie… please?

Speaking of dialogue, CBM has complied some lines that The Avengers toys will say. Hasbro’s 10″ electronic action figures apparently will feature actual sounds and phrases from the movie:

Captain America – “Hulk! Smash!” (hold on, Capt actually commands Hulk to smash?) “Avengers, together we defend the world!” and of course, “I’m Captain America.”

Thor – Hulk, truly thou art the strongest!”, “Captain, I will follow you any day”,“Hulk, truly your strength is unmatched!”, “Iron Man, you are a valued warrior” (so, the god of thunder spends most of the movie kissing everyone’s ass?), “My name is Thor!”

Iron Man – “Get around behind him Hulk!”, “Repulsors, full power!”, “JARVIS, damage report!” and totally missing the obvious, “I’m drunk!” – come on, it’s a Simpsons reference.

And the Hulk? Well, he is apparently the extra chatty Avenger. “You want more?”, “Avengers Assemble!”, “Nothing can stop the Hulk!” and lastly “Hulk smash… Hulk smash Thor! (Crash!)… Let’s go smash!… Hulk ready for fight!” which is all one phrase. Damn, apparently the big green dude has just been shy in his own movies, he really is rather talkative once you get to know him.



Last but not least, Michael Shannon was talking to MTV about stepping into the role of General Zod and what we can expect from the villain in The Man of Steel. “Some cool speeches” was all Shannon said before saying that was all he could say. A beat passes and you hear him chillingly say “Do you realize the universe is constantly shrinking, Superman?” Any doubts I had of him as the Kryptonian tyrant were quickly washed away at that exact moment. Sure, it’s not the line we all want him to say, but that’s in the past. Let’s get ready for the future.

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