So, we’ve had tons of news over the weekend about the next Batman flick, The Dark Knight Rises.  You know what this means!  We’re doing a fuckin’ round up. Bear in mind that a lot of these things do contain potential spoilers, so go no further if you’d like to avoid that stuff.

The Bat Signal Is Calling For Your Voices!

The world renowned composer, Hans Zimmer, has posted a plea on UJAM for fans to send in recordings of their voices for a chance to be a part of a Dark Knight Rises chant!  It’s cult-like enough, why not?

I’m shining the bat-signal up into the sky to call you all! We need to hear your voices! Now and Loud! We are creating the sound of a worldwide chant. Everyone come and be part of it. It’s easy: There is no such thing as out-of-tune, no timing we can’t fix later. If you mumble, growl, scream or whisper, it’s all good. Make it yours. If you only get halfway through, no problem! Do it alone, bring your friends, but do it with energy and commitment.

Let your voice be heard and be a part of our adventure!

I can imagine this going down in a really fuckin’ cool way.  And no, it’s not only because I have a lot of respect for Zimmer.

Source: Blastr

Remake Of The 1966 Title Sequence With A Vintage & Contemporary Flair

David Rose of Happy Dragon Pictures remade the opening title sequence from the classic Batman TV series, and added a taste of Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight to it.

This is the remade title sequence:

This is the original title sequence from the 1966 TV series:

Source: The Daily What

Set Videos!

Here are some set videos and pictures from the filming of Dark Knight Rises on Wall Street. (Has anybody heard of any interference by/inclusion of the Occupy Wall Street peeps? Given the state of these riots… maybe the extras are the protesters! Dun dun duuuuuuun.)

Source: Geek Tyrant

A Shitload Of Set Pictures

We’re seeing quite a bit of photos and videos about this riot, though we can only speculate what it might be about. The rest of the pictures are pretty self-explanatory: Anne Hathaway trying to hide her costume, Batman duking it out with Bane, and riots.

Source: Daily Blam

More Set Videos Show A Character’s Death?

Let’s start off with some regular set videos, without the potentially massive spoiler:

Okay, so here’s the big one:

Looks like Modine, huh? Now, go back to the first video in this section and watch that again. I lied about that being non-exciting. 😉

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