For the past few weeks the Superhero Round-Up has been pretty heavy on Marvel movies, for good reason too since they stand to own the first few weeks of this years blockbuster season. You almost for get that DC Comics has a few heavy hitters coming out soon. Well we’ve got updates from both the upcoming Superman movie and Batman movies, hell we’ve even got some Wonder Woman related news.

One of the more mysterious comic book movies coming out this year, the Judge Dredd reboot, remains silent. Seriously, we’ve seen like some photos and some very behind the scenes footage? Well, we do get some hopeful words about the project.

And yes, even some Spiderman related news from both screen and stage.

Your Superhero Round-Up starts after the jump.

Well, that’s a wrap! In Vancouver at least. A few days ago filming of the Zack Snyder Superman movie, The Man of Steel, finished off in the city.  Now before packing up and heading back to Los Angeles to wrap up the final leg of filming, Zack showed some love and thanks to both the crew and the city itself. Taking a spin on a classic Superman motto, he gave the gift of art to show his appreciation for all the hard work. It’s a little grainy but you get the idea. [via Comic Book Movie]

Also from the upcoming Man of Tomorrow movie, some words from star Michael Shannon. To paraphrase the man that will be the new General Zod, he doesn’t ‘get’ nerds.

“There are legions of fans salivating, who will literally spend the next year and a half looking at the clock, waiting for this movie,” Shannon said, shrugging his shoulders. “That’s just the way it is. I don’t know why. Me, personally, I’m not a huge fan. I can’t even read comic books. I don’t know which panel to look at next. I hardly ever know what any of the characters are talking about. So, no, I am not one of them. But there are a lot of them. They’re out there. And they really want to talk to me about this movie!”

Wow, really? We apparently baffle the dude that can slap around Superman. High five fellow nerds!  The Man of Steel is set for a June 14th, 2013 release. If you need me, I’ll be over here staring at a clock apparently. [Hero Complex]


We know 12-year old actress Joey King has a part in The Dark Knight Rises, we are pretty sure we know who she’s playing too. Get ready to take that one out of the rumor pile, cause when she was talking with My Entertainment World she kinda let the cat out of the bag. Actually, she more threw it out and screamed “KITTY!” – hey, she’s 12, kids suck at keeping secrets.

“I play young Talia al Ghul. I can’t give too much away because I promised Mr. Nolan I wouldn’t say anything. There are too many secrets about the character and the movie.”

I guess that was a no brainer, it’s one of the few secrets from the film that was easy to pick out. Now, if his kid is the movie… can we go back to speculating/praying that Ra’s al Ghul (Liam Neeson) will make a surprise visit, Please?



One of these days we will get to announce that a big screen Wonder Woman movie has entered production. Sadly that day is not today, however we do have one damn good reason the movie should be made. Gina Carano, mixed martial artist and star of Steven Soderbergh‘s action flick Haywire, says she’d be up for playing the Amazonian princess.

“We even had a Wonder Woman reference in the film—did you catch it? One of the cops said something to me like, ‘Oh, chill out, Wonder Woman.’ And I thought that was so funny,” Carano said in a new interview with Vulture. “I said to Steven, ‘You know there’s a little rumor about me and Wonder Woman.’ And he said mischievously, ‘Oh, that’s interesting.'”

She even knows how she’s want the film to go down.

“If they could do a superhero movie in a more realistic fashion where you could actually believe in it, I would be up for that,” she said. “It could still be playful, but that’s what I’m representing—the fighting would be real. More than anything, I would want Wonder Woman to be believable, you know?”

Now if you are still unsure about her in the role, may I present to you a few photographs of her that recently appeared in GQ. After seeing these, oh she’s a good choice.

Celebrating his 35th birthday this March, I really hope Hollywood gives Judge Dredd a belated b’day gift in the form of Dredd being good when the film hits the big screen in September. The man who created the character John Wagner (with artist Carlos Ezquerra) told the Hero Complex a few things that sound like it just might be the movie we want it to be.

“The plot is about Dredd and his world. It’s impossible to cover every aspect of the character and his city – perhaps that was one of the failings of the first film; they tried to do too much and ended up with not a lot. “Dredd” homes in on the essential job of judging – instant justice in a violent future city. I like the actors, they’re well cast and they handled their parts well. Olivia Thirlby is perfect as Anderson, the young psi judge. She gives the character a touching vulnerability. Karl Urban will not remove his helmet and will not kiss his costar.”

Wait, no Rob Schneider, but where will the zany comic relief come from? I am still betting on Dredd living up to some expectations. Also, you really should head over to the Hero Complex and read Geoff Boucher’s interview with Wagner. The man rarely does interviews and this one is really a great read.



To close of the Superhero Round-Up for this week, here’s some fast news about The Amazing Spider-Man, an unconfirmed tweet based tip (which has since been removed) to Rama’s SCREEN says we can expect the movies first full trailer to hit the net February 9th, and it will also be attached to the upcoming Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island that hits theaters on the 10th. It might also play in front of Sony’s Screen Gems’ romantic drama The Vow which opens the same weekend. Well, if this is true… screw it, I am not going to see a romantic drama or another terrible kiddie movie staring The Rock, I’ll check it out online.

Last but not least, looks like s#!t just got real for Julie Taymor, ex-director for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Looks like the producers of the once doomed but now doing alright Broadway show are suing her, claiming the dismal early days of the production were all her fault.

“She was not a fan of the Spider-Man story prior to her involvement with the musical, insisted on developing a dark, disjointed and hallucinogenic musical involving suicide, sex and death”

This is a counter suit, since  Taymor recently filed one against the show claiming she was owed royalties. Now, this is where it gets nasty. The lawsuit filed by the producers targets Taymor on a few personal levels, claiming her

vanity was the central downfall of the show’s initial failure; particularly her creation and inclusion of a new goddess character called Arachane:

“She boasted that her skills were greater than those of the gods and declared, ‘I’m the only real artist working today. Taymor’s attitude was summed up by her statement that, ‘I don’t give a [frick] about audience reaction!’ Taymor refused to develop a musical that followed the original, family-friendly Spider-Man story, which was depicted in the Marvel comic books and the hugely successful motion picture trilogy based on them.

“Due to Taymor’s actions, which caused numerous delays and tremendous cost overruns, by 2009, it looked like the Spider-Man Musical would close before it had even one preview performance…. Although many producers would have simply given up on the production, the Producers engaged in superhuman efforts to save the Musical, including raising tens of millions of dollars—much of it their own—to fund the ever-increasing costs of the production.

 After she was fired, the show went through some major re-writes and enhancements, and has crawled itself out of the mire to be relatively successful. Which is good, because at $70 million it is the most expensive Broadway show ever. [Rolling Stone]

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