Superheroes in Prayer

superprayerSometimes you wonder what heroes do in their off time. In this picture, which is just part of the painting, “Superhero Sholat,” we see superheroes from Marvel, DC, and elsewhere deep in solemn prayer.

It’s an interesting picture; religion isn’t often touched upon in comics, which is probably a good idea for the most part. Think of how incensed fanboys get when they spot a continuity error. Imagine how that could carry over.

“Hey, wait a minute. He was just dead, and now three days later he’s alive again? How many people are writing this thing, anyway?”

And while we’re at it, what do you suppose they are praying for? Peace? Guidance? Forgiveness? Could be.

But I’d bet that all of them are praying that Joel Schumacher isn’t involved in any of their movie adaptations.

(via Cinematical, BoingBoing)

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