It’s breaking news in the world of superhero romance, Superman and Wonder Woman, easily two of the most iconic and most powerful heroes in DC‘s, are hookin’ up. And it’s no one issue stunt or an Elseworld’s tale or even some silly dream sequence, this is for realz. As writer Geoff Johns revealed to Entertainment Weekly, “This is the new status quo.” Apparently, a big event, something possibly tragic, will rock the league and the two supers will seek solace with one another.

I can’t say the news is completely shocking, ever since the New 52 began there’s been rumors the famed marriage of Superman and Lois Lane had been dissolved in order to make way for a new romance between Supes and Wondy. I guess, I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. Here’s the big reveal on the cover of Justice League #12, releasing August 29th,

Honestly, the cover is beautiful and it’s a great superhero spin on famous scenes Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss and Alfred Eisenstaedt’s V-J Day in Times Square photograph, which artist Jim Lee drew inspiration from. But something about this new super-romance feels very stunt-like to me. I know, I know, Johns say this isn’t a stunt, but why the hell else would you put Superman and Wonder Woman together if it wasn’t to ruffle some feathers and make a big fuss? Isn’t that what a stunt is? And Johns says they’re hoping to ’cause a stir, and you know a big stir is coming as the legions of Superman/Lois Lane fans will be airing their outrage in the coming days.

Ugh, I don’t know about you guys, but this feel wrong. It seems cheap and lazy. Of course your two most powerful characters would get together, it’s predictable. Granted, I dropped Justice League after issue six so I have no idea what kind of flirting or pent-up sexual frustration the two heroes have been dealing with. Maybe this is something readers have been aching for.

No matter what, I’ll always prefer my Superman and Wonder Woman more like this,

Less like this,

And besides, it’s Batman and Wonder Woman who should really be getting together,

(This last panel comes courtesy of Jill Pantozzi, @TheNerdyBird. She spreads the Bat-truth.)

Anyway, what say you about Superman and Wonder Woman being an official thing? Do you mourn for poor, spurned Lois? Or do you think this is the only way those two could every really be happy? I mean, I guess it all worked out that way in Kingdom Come.

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