It seems like only yesterday that we first heard about Joss Whedon writing, producing and directing a standalone Batgirl movie for DC Entertainment and Warner Bros… Oh wait, it was yesterday! Well, time waits for no man, or Batgirl, it seems and barely 24 hours later, the rumour mill is already churning about who might be playing the titular crimefighter in the movie. If this goes forward it will be a major win for Warners/DC, especially since their DC Extended Universe so far has been, to borrow a term, a disaster. Apocalyptic even. So they’re definitely looking at the right actress for the job. 

A site called SuperBroMovies (via ScreenRant) was apparently the first to report that The 100 star Lindsey Morgan is the front runner for Batgirl. Their “evidence” is supposedly some social media posts by Morgan from a few weeks back excitedly mentioning a “new project on the horizon” that she was “more than ecstatic” about. Furthermore, Morgen was one of thousands of people that shared the news about Whedon and Batgirl on Twitter, which is, apparently, suspicious. This morning Morgan was retweeting a couple of the articles reporting her frontrunner status, which could be a confirmation, but it’s more likely at this point she’s just amused by them.

The original story said that Whedon was “finalizing” a deal to work on Batgirl, so it seems a little far ahead of the game to talk about casting, but having said that, if you’ve seen Morgen’s work as The 100’s strong yet brilliant mechanical expert Raven Reyes, then you know that she’s more than got the chops to play Batgirl.

In other Batgirl news, sources talking to say that Whedon’s film will be based, at least in part, on Gail Simone‘s run on the Batgirl comic book in the New 52. The series was relaunched in 2011 by retconning Barbara Gordon days as the information hub Oracle and retelling her story to show that she recovered after being maimed by the Joker in The Killing Joke and continues to fight crime as Batgirl. This could fit in nicely with the Batman story arc they’ve established in the DCEU where we know there’s been one Robin casualty, and Batman has a past of “working with others” according to Commissioner Gordon (AKA: Batgirl’s father).

The next DCEU movie, Wonder Woman, will open in theatres everywhere this June. As for Batgirl details, stay tuned…

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