In just a couple of weeks from today, fans everywhere will be heading into their local multiplexes to check out the latest DC Extended Universe film, Wonder Woman. For many, the appearance of Diana of Themyscira in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was a rare bright spot in the non-stop dank of Zack Snyder’s film, so hope is high that the first major superhero film headlined by a woman is able to both redeem the DCEU and encourage the production of more female-centric superhero movies. (We hear Batgirl is waiting in the wings.) So you’ll be pleased to know that the early critical mass for Wonder Woman, is overwhelmingly positive.

So we can say, “Good news, everyone!” and mean it in a very non-Professor Farnsworth kind of way because this is actually good news. The early word from critics on social media is that Wonder Woman is good! Full reviews are still under embargo, but critics are now allowed to share their brief thoughts on social media, including Andrew Dyce from ScreenRant.

And Eric Eisenberg from CinemaBlend.

Gal Gadot, who was initially a controversial choice for the role, has been especially highlighted for her work in the film, and for her chemistry with co-star Chris Pine, like in this tween from IndieWire’s Kate Erbland.

At the same time, the film’s technical skills have also been praised, like in this posted here by The Nerdist’s Alicia Lutes.

Of course, some of the reviews have been downright hyperbolic, comparing Wonder Woman to some of the most popular comic book movies of all time.

Regardless of how much these critics love (or really love) Wonder Woman, this is undoubtedly good news because the earlier reviews for both Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad were less kind. It’s hard to say what effect those negative reviews had on the bottom line of both movies, they each made a lot of money after all, but the critical seal of approval never hurts when it comes to even the biggest summer box office hits, and it might give DC some breathing room as reorganize their slate of movies. Time will tell.

Wonder Woman will be in theatres everywhere on June 2.

Source: ScreenRant

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