Dislike Twilight? Well, they’re not too fond of it either at San Diego Comic Con this year. The panel on the forthcoming segment of the Twilight franchise, Breaking Dawn, was ranked 35th out of 50 in a poll of the most popular panels at this year’s SDCC conducted by the makers of the MySched app.

This year’s most popular panel: The Walking Dead. Attendees coming to SDCC, which will unfold at the San Diego Convention Center from July 21 to 24, are most excited about the AMC drama series about a group of survivors in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead finished ahead of the geek-friendly sitcom The Big Bang Theory and HBO’s fantasy epic Game of Thrones, which took second and third place respectively. The Sony and True Blood panels round out the Top 5.

Twilight, long derided by the geek-faithful (including several Nerd Bastards I know) as the “Why is this at Comic Con anyway?” selection is now sandwiched between the panels for Sy-Fy’s Warehouse 13, and, oddly enough, the panel for the fantasy movie Snow White and the Huntsman, which stars Twilight debutant Kristen Stewart (and The Mighty Thor, Chris Hemsworth).

Oddly enough, one actual comic-based panel made the Top 50: Dark Horse Comics panel featuring Buffy creator (and Avengers director) Joss Whendon, which still landed ahead of Twilight in 27th place.

You can check out the ever changing list for yourself HERE


*Note: The above story was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Adam. A. Donaldson

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