1966 Batman


You’d be forgiven if you detected a hint of melancholy hanging over this year’s Fan Expo Canada. Three out of the four surviving cast members of the original Star Trek series cast are here to mark the 50th anniversary, and there’s an entire section called the Stan Lee Zone dedicated to the Man’s final Canadian appearance. But two more 60s icons are calling it day after the show’s doors close on Sunday, and they are Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward. The two appeared at Fan Expo Friday morning for their final Q&A before retiring from regular convention appearances.  (more…)

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For nerds of a certain age, the 1966 Batman Television show was their first indoctrination into Batman (myself included). It’s hard to devolve Batman as we know him today – a hard-bitten brooding bad-ass – by thinking back to a time when he (and Robin) were a trippy 1960’s fever dream. The William Dozier TV show was wrought with pop-art set pieces, telegraphed punches, ambiguous villains, satirical overtones, dutch angle camera setups, curiously tight-fitting costumes and the occasional dance number (anyone remember the Batusi?).

The show was short lived and it had a big comeback the last few years in popularity. The license was finally made available for merchandising, so not only did the episodes come out on Blu-ray, but toys, collectibles and a comic series were released.

And now, at a recent convention, actors Adam West and Burt Ward revealed they’ll be lending their voices to a full length, animated Batman 1966 movie scheduled for release on the show’s 50th anniversary in 2016. (more…)