24: Legacy

This past Labor Day Weekend, PAX West was in full force, sharing demos for new games to dazzle video game fans from around the country. With over 100 games on display, its a pixelated wonderland. Yet amidst all the fantastic games with so much work put into them, there were a few that curated the most buzz.

Here are 12 highlight games from PAX West.



The countdown has begun. It’s been over two years since we’ve seen the last real-time adventure from the creators of 24, and what may be the last ride of Kiefer Sutherland who’s now graduated from saving presidents to being president in Designated Survivor. But because good franchises never die, they’re just rebooted, this winter we’ll be getting 24: Legacy with a new hero, with a new mission, but the same old countdown clock of doom that’s only silent when someone important dies. (And people will die.) If you thought you were over 24, and it was soooooo 2005, try and deny that old 24 magic in the Legacy trailer. (more…)