The sad passing of Michael Clarke Duncan in September left a sizable whole in Hollywood, and an equally sizable hole in the cast of the upcoming sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Duncan was scheduled to return to the role of mob enforcer Manute in the Robert Rodriguez-directed sequel, but with his untimely death someone was going to have to step into the part, and the filmmakers seemed to have found their someone.

The someone in question is Dennis Haysbert, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Haysbert is famous for his TV roles as 24‘s President Palmer,The Unit’sSgt. Maj. Blane and All State Insurance’s spokesperson. As you may or may not know, with his a deep, gravely voice and standing at an imposing height of six-feet, four inches, Haysbert makes for a sadly ideal Ducan substitute for the film and the part.

Duncan died in September from complications after suffering a heart attack this summer. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, the sequel to the 2005 hit Sin City, is currently in production for an October 2013 release.

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What’s up bastards! Here we are with another installment of NerdBastards’ weekly DVD Tuesday feature. We list what came out today and recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. We got quite the new releases (5 to be exact) today as it seems the home releases may be back on track (yay, more work for me).

I’m also introducing the new I’m too Special to Come Out on Tuesday section as there is one release coming out on Thursday and all I have to say is that it’s the freakin’ owl movie. As always, we have the Old is New section and the TV Show DVD section.

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Ever wondered what Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde (is it sad that I remember their names) ever talked about when they were hanging out in the box while Pacman is out there eating his pellets. Well, the folks at College Humor released a video based on it and hey, the ghosts watches TV and talk about it like us nerds. Of course, not everyone watches all the popular show and that is the case with Clyde, in which I can relate to because of WWE’s programing… though I have no idea what the hell Private Practice is. Anyways, check out the vid and enjoy!

Source: College Humor

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….The Night Santa Went Crazy


Here’s a little something I never thought I would ever see. Imagine for a minute that Santa is arrested for possibly being a terrorist (although nowadays it wouldn’t surprise me)  and Jack Bauer being brought in to interrogate him. Rebel Christmas Card put this video together and is sure to have you laughing. 24 starts a new season in January 2010 on FOX. Check out the video after the jump.