28 Days Later


There might just be some zombie like life left in the 28 Days Later & 28 Weeks Later franchise. Although it has been eight years since the second film, 28 Days Later script writer and 28 Weeks Later Producer Alex Garland is raising hopes that a third movie in the rage virus horror movie franchise might just get rolling soon. Days and Weeks both did well at the box office, with the Days earned ten times its production budget while the follow-up Weeks earned a very respectable return of six times its budget. What’s Garland have to say about a possible third film? (more…)

Alex Garland’s 28 Days Later franchise has brought what are probably the best (serious) zombie flicks to the screen since George Romero’s golden years.  The sequel to the original, 28 Weeks Later may not have been as good as its predecessor, but it still left fans screaming for a third installment.  Tentatively called 28 Months Later, people have been talking about it for almost five years and everything from production rumors to proposed scripts have been discussed in the unofficial capacity.

Now, Alex Garland is the harbinger of bad news, putting those rumors in the grave.  In a recent interview, Garland had this to say about the franchise:

I’m still so proud of 28 Days Later and how well it’s been received over the years so I appreciate that. But in regards to another movie, no- there are no plans for a 28 Months Later or whatever they were calling it. This is a series I’ve always been heavily involved with between the original and the sequel so if there were plans for another movie, I would absolutely know about it.

Yeah, kind of a bummer.  I really wanted to see the grand finale zombie apocalypse sweeping across the face of the Earth.  But if Garland has no plans to be involved, there’s really no point.  The dreaded alternative would be to hand it over to someone else, which would inevitably end in sub-standard rubbish.  At least we have the first two films to re-watch.


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So I came across this epic list of what the folks at Oh No They Didn’t consider the 25 Best Zombie movies of ALL time.  I just had to share this with you guys!  The list is pretty damn good, although personally, I think Zombieland should be a little higher up.  What do you guys think of the list?  And whether you agree or disagree, with Halloween right around the corner at least it gives us tons of options for our undead movie marathon.  Check out the list after the break.  Try not to get too full from all of the brains, ENJOY!  And for more in depth and bastardly analysis of these film be sure to check out the list on Oh No They DIdn’t.

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