30 Day’s of Night

Comic writer Steve Niles lets us know about utilizing Kickstarter, staying fresh, writing DC and Marvel characters, and merging Criminal Macabre and 30 Days of Night for Criminal Macabre: The Final Night — The 30 Days of Night Crossover.

Your Kickstarter with Ben Templesmith and menton3 for Lust was recently funded. What was the impetus that drove you to funding through Kickstarter? How do you think that funding like this will change – or, maybe, has already started changing – the nature of comics or comics publishing?

Steve Niles: There were a lot of reasons to try Kickstarter. As indie creators we don’t have many publishing options and the weirder the project the harder it is to find a home for.

We knew coming out of the gate that we wanted Lust to be something different, a bit of an experiment. That right there put us at risk in the eyes of most publishers. The other is, also as an indie creator, we have trouble getting our books to fans so Kickstarter offered us a way to go directly to fans. The biggest reason though was a great chance to work with Templesmith and Menton again. I love those guys and I’m hoping this is the first of many “weird” projects.


Wes Craven‘s been making films for over 40 years, but he’s still charting new territory. Now he’s co-creating a comic book, which he will eventually turn into a movie, and he’s doing it with none other than Steve Niles of 30 Days of Night fame.

The project is called Coming of Rage, and it will be Craven and producer Arnold Rifkin‘s first publication through Liquid Comics, who they signed a partnership deal with in 2010. Craven created the concept, and writer Niles will pen the five-issue miniseries. The eventual film will be produced Rifkin and Liquid Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan.

There’s no word on concept or story for Coming of Rage save for the above teaser art, but Deadline is reporting that “it is pretty clear that there’ll be a healthy dose of horror, blood and suspense.”

Craven, best known for creating A Nightmare on Elm Street, has spent the last few years producing remakes of his popular prior hits like Nightmare, The Hills Have Eyes and Last House on the Left. His last two films were the sequel Scream 4, and his original screenplay My Soul to Take.

Coming of Rage is scheduled to be published sometime next year.

Source: Comic Book Resources

Daredevil with Ben Affleck sucked. We all know this (If you don’t, well I adore your ignorance). Personally, I always thought the blind lawyer who moonlights as a vigilante would make for some great TV. After all, people sure do love them Law and Order type shows, it would so work. Much to my dismay, FOX has no plans for Daredevil television. However, they have a reboot planned. This we know as well. Until now there has been very little news on the new Daredevil movie other than the fact that David Slade (Hard Candy and 30 Days of Night) will be directing. Recently, Mr. Slade posted a brief update on the status of the film via the good ‘ole Twitter. Slade tweeted that Fringe writer Brad Caleb Kane has officially completed the first draft of the script.

I’m interested to see where they take this flick. It couldn’t be any worse than the first film…right? RIGHT!?

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