With the explosion of augmented reality game Pokémon Go earlier this year, the latest installments in the ongoing Pokémon narrative series, Sun and Moon, have become some of the franchise’s most eagerly awaited games. And that is saying something, because those games have not gone out of fashion in twenty years. Though it is expected to fit roughly the same plot that most of the other games have, there is a lot that makes it stand out from its predecessors. Showing off a little of what they have up their sleeves, Nintendo released a short free demo on the eStore earlier today. (more…)

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As of August 12th the price of the Nintendo 3DS in the United States will drop in price from it’s regular $249 to a more inexpensive $169. If you’re living outside the states fear not, other regions will be getting a similar price break in their respective currency. This new $169 might still be a little heavy for some, but a least it’s not the $249 to $299 you’ll be paying for a Playstation Vita.

What if you’re one of the 830,000 US gamers that have already shelled out the dry bones to play your handheld in 3D? Nintendo has you covered there offering gamers that have already logged into their eshop at least once (before the price cut) 10 free NES virtual console games September 1st, plus 10 more Game Boy Advance virtual console games — that Nintendo doesn’t plan on releasing to their public audience — before the end of the year. It look’s like a great deal…for us anyway.

The company’s investors are a bit worried though, with Nintendo planning on selling 16 million 3DS units in the financial year this is a plan that better work. If this doesn’t it has the pontental of becoming the second worse thing Nintendo has done- next to making those god awful R.O.B, fingers crossed Nintendo.

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Sure using an Augmented Reality card for the Nintendo 3DS is fun, but how would it look tattooed onto your skin? After a few hours at a tattoo parlor, a bit of pain and voila! A bitching AR card of your own Nintendo Mii character.

Yep, our friend Orin from I Heart Chaos, had a great idea and went running *arms flailing* to the tattoo parlor to give the world a wonderful “what the…” buried under his layers of flesh.

Now here’s exactly what the AR tattoo looks like:

Here’s  the exact same tattoo shown threw the eye of the Nintendo 3DS (mind the quality of the video (you try to hold two cameras at once and play with yourself):

This is cool and all, but I can’t help but shake my head at how this half-baked idea came to be. Must have gone a little something like this:

*snorts line of hookers ass and takes another swig of beer*… I gots a great idea! Imma gonna put this here card on my body. This way I can always play with myself. Da magic video game box will stand the test of time, right?  Fuck, yes it will. Here’s $200. Do not pass go, but DO tattoo this bitch. Where? Left arm seems proper. Tat looks sweet, great job. Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,  it’s on the arm with my trigger finger on it. How da fuck am I supposed to play?

Shit Orin, couldn’t you have just used, I don’t know, a magic marker or one of them DIY printable (and removable) tattoos? Whatever. You are a visionary. I pioneer. We salute you!

Oh, NERD BASTARDS FAN REQUEST. Can one of you nerdy girlies out there do this on your boobies (unlike Orin from IHC, get some crayons or something). Boobs. Nintendo. Augmented Reality. Someones gotta do it.

Via: I Heart Chaos

Besides the 3DS there’s not much love for Nintendo right now. It’s all because of the Wii. While it’s a success in nursing homes, approved by over protective mothers and kids who don’t know any better, it’s a laughing stock in the gaming community. That’s a broad statement, the Wii has had it’s moments (insert some Mario or Zelda title), but overall it’s a under performing gimmicky dust collector. Heck, the only time I use my Wii is when I download an old-school NES game from the Wii store channel. Nintendo has simply played it safe for the last 5 or so years. Sacrificing game quality for family friendly fair. Where as the Xbox 360 and PS3 having captured the hearts and minds of REAL gamers. The Wii with it’s barely better than PS2 graphics and catalog of “safe” and silly games have not been able to compete. It’s a shame too because we all love Nintendo. Between the 80’s and early 90’s they dominated the gaming scene. It’s a brand we know and love, but we’ve out grown them and Nintendo doesn’t seem to give a flying fuck. Or do they?

Via a report by our friends at Kotaku Nintendo announced today that they will be debuting their follow-up to the Wii at E3 in June. According to Game Informer “this new home system is capable of running games at HD resolutions. There are conflicting reports, however, as to whether its graphics will be comparable to those on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 – meaning it could surpass or fall short of those systems. Either way it will offer competitive specifications.”

I’m gonna let all that sink in for a minute. Yep, after years of defending it’s console their ready for another system cycle. I have my doubts that this new system will blow gamers away. However, Moving to HD will only help Nintendo in getting in on some more multi-platform action, adding more triple-A titles like Portal 2 or Mortal Kombat to their games. This will help strengthen Nintendo’s poor relationship with the third-party publishers/developers. So basically, they’re just finally catching up to everyone else. Welcome to the party Nintendo. Finally made it, glad to see you here.

That said, I’m a little scared now. If Nintendo opens the floodgates for a new console, that may mean Sony and Microsoft step up and shows theirs. And, I don’t have $1000 to spend on the next-gen consoles!

Nintendo has yet to confirm any of this so it’s all rumor and speculation for now.


With E3 officially starting today, will Nintendo reveal anything big as they have people waking up early for their press conference. Will we see the 3DS or some sort of Wii HD to make gamers happy? Let’s just hope they don’t have another Wii Vitality Sensor moment and have another dumb add-on that only works for two games. Of course, they can make it all up with a new Zelda. Check after the jump to see what was revealed and announced.