A Clockwork Orange


With some 2oo movie and TV acting credits to his name, and a litany of experience on stage in various productions, Malcolm McDowell has had a storied career. So what was it like to work with Stanley Kubrick? “Oh shut the f**k up,” McDowell told the moderator at the top of his Q&A at Fan Expo. He was kidding of course, but the jocularity was just the beginning of a highly comical hour of the actor’s time as he shared personal tales, insights in some the films he’s worked on, and wild tales about the various personalities he’s encountered. But first, let’s reminisce about Liverpool. (more…)

Romos Kubrick 15

I don’t know about you guys but A Clockwork Orange still scares the crap out of me and thanks to one Carlos Ramos, I want to watch it again because I am a fat idiot. Anyway, Carlos Ramos, ¬†who has done work on Dexter’s Laboratory and Chalkzone, has done many art pieces that were inspired by the films of Stanley Kubrick and they are being portrayed at the Corpo Gallery from July 10th to August 3rd. Click after the jump to see many art pieces that Ramos did, ranging from The Shining to 2001: A Space Odyssey and more (Some images may be considered NSFW).