A New Hope

Few scenes are as iconic as the first lightsaber battle in Star Wars: A New Hope. Darth Vader and Obi-wan Kenobi, arch-enemies, facing each other one final time. When later we learn of their true relationship, it makes that scene even heavier. Of course, it was the first scene of its kind and the choreography was… Lacking, to say the least. Especially when faced with the stunning work we see in future films. But fans over at FXitinPost decided that it could be … well. Fixed. They took the heart and soul of the scene and reworked into something that does better justice to what the scene could’ve been.



Of the many controversies involving Star Wars, George Lucas‘ dead-set refusal to release the un-specialized editions of the original trilogy probably doesn’t even crack the top 10, but for the dozens of film purists out there, it’s definitely been the bee in the bonnet of the bee in the their bonnet. They’re doubly annoyed, you see. So imagine our surprise when a group of fans found an original 35mm film print of Star Wars from 1977, and sank their own time and money into cleaning it up. And then they posted it online for fans of the untainted original version of the film to enjoy. (more…)


It’s one of those things that sounds like an April Fool’s joke, but it isn’t (repeat: isn’t), but Dark Horse Comics has announced that they are teaming LucasBooks Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler and comic book artist Mike Mayhew (The Avengers) to turn George Lucas’ original 1974 first draft of his Star Wars screenplay into an 8-issue comic miniseries to be released sometime this fall.

“So what?” you maybe asking. “The first draft can’t be that much different than the movie I’ve watched several hundred times since it was first released in 1977.” Well you would be wrong, for this Star Wars is the  story of Jedi Annikin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker, an alien named Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights.

The full press release from Dark Horse is below, along with some preview art work.

It’s no April Fools’ prank! Dark Horse is honored to announce a dream project: working with J.W. Rinzler, executive editor at LucasBooks, and artist Mike Mayhew (Avengers) to adapt the rough-draft original screenplay which spawned the biggest franchise in film history!

Three years before his 1977 film, George Lucas put down on paper his first story set in a galaxy far, far away—a tale of fantastic adventures, daring escapes, “lazer swords,” romance, and monsters. A story of Jedi Annikin Starkiller and General Luke Skywalker, an alien named Han Solo, and evil Sith Knights. The screenplay was titled The Star Wars!

“I’m not sure where I first read about The Star Wars—it was years and years ago—but the idea of Luke Skywalker being an older Jedi General, and Han Solo being a six-foot-tall lizard, turned my Star Wars fan brain on its side,” said longtime Star Wars editor Randy Stradley. “I always assumed this would be one of those stories that would be ‘lost to history,’ so getting to work on bringing it to life is kinda like a dream come true.”

“While researching in the Lucasfilm Archives I’ve found many treasures—but one which truly astounded me was George’s rough draft forThe Star Wars. His first complete imaginings were hallucinating to read—mind blowing,” said writer J.W. Rinzler. “While working with George on another book project, I once asked if we could adapt his rough draft. He was hesitant. Years later, with Dark Horse’s invaluable help, we showed him a few drawn and colored pages of what it might look like. He gave us the okay.”

Originally conceived in 1974, The Star Wars has been the subject of rumor and legend in the fan community throughout the history of the galaxy far, far away. Now, Lucas has seen fit to grant Dark Horse the right to adapt this fabled story into an eight-issue comic series launching in September!


Source: /Film

Earlier this week, the Director’s Guild of America hosted a sold out screening of The Avengers, which also featured a Q&A with none other than the film’s writer and director Joss Whedon. Naturally, nothing even remotely newsworthy came out of the discussion.

Just kidding.

While being grilled by Jeff Goldsmith of Backstory Magazine, Whedon let slip some subtle info about the team’s next challenge in The Avengers 2, and how The Wasp almost made the cut. As for the former, Whedon’s references about the future of the franchise began with a discussion of its past. Whedon says that he originally had more than one villain in mind for the film saying that he felt that the team needed more than Loki to justify their teaming up.

“But it took me a long time to accept that because I was like, ‘they need someone to hit,’” Whedon said. When pressed to say who that villain would be, Whedon said, “I’m not gonna tell you that because that person might crop up another time.”

As for his attempts to get in another one of the founding members of The Avengers into the script, it seemed that the director’s attempts to recruit The Wasp might have cost the film Scarlett Johansson‘s Black Widow. “[I wrote a] very Wasp-y draft,” said Whedon but, “it was way too Wasp-y. Cause I was like, ‘She’s adorable!’ I’m just gonna write her!’”

Another piece of interesting quotable that came out of the Q&A was Whedon’s response to which Star Wars is better: A New Hope or The Empire Strikes Back? “I still believe that even though The Empire Strikes Back is better in innumerable ways than Star Wars,” said Whedon. “Star Wars wins because you can’t end a movie with Han frozen in Carbonite. That’s not a movie, it’s an episode.”

And on the subject of franchising films, let’s just say that the filmmaker isn’t a fan of using one movie to tee up a series. “I rail against those movies,” he said. “Let’s just take a moment of honesty here and say Jumper.”

The Q&A will likely make a future podcast episode of The Q&A With Jeff Goldsmith. Watch your iTunes queue for it.

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It was something of a surprise Tuesday when it was announced that Disney was acquiring Lucasfilm Ltd. for a cool $4.05 billion, and, oh yeah, Disney’s going to release a relatively George Lucas-free Star Wars Episode VII in 2015. Business news hasn’t hit nerdery this big since Disney bought a little firm called Marvel, and now we live in a world where Mickey Mouse, Spider-Man, The Muppets, Indiana Jones and Yoda all sit under the same roof.

But is this good news, or bad news? Maybe it’s terrible news? Let’s break it down using the Leone standard: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: (more…)

New York Toy Fair 2012 has come and gone. While we thought we featured everything in our NYTF: Toy, Toys and Oh Yeah, More Toys  post, news is still coming out of the “Big Apple”.  Hasbro has announced it’s line figurines, collectible items and game pieces for their upcoming Star Wars line. They presented a plethora of plastic fun things, which are representative of the original trilogy, prequel trilogy and the expanded universe. In other words, more Star Wars shit we can’t help but buy. As much as I hate putting more money in George Lucas’ pocket, I must own that Darth Star display with all the wee little figures (above).

Check out the full gallery of images (with shots supplied by Pietro Filipponi) and descriptions after the jump.

Hey, it’s Star Wars. “Shut up and take my money”, right?

It all began in 2009 when Casey Pugh divided Star War: A New Hope into 472 15-second segments and asked fans to re-imagine them. Some chose live-action, some animation, some people chose LEGO bricks, but each scene would be unique. His plan was to then compile the segments back together into one massive fan recreation of Episode IV, Star Wars Uncut.

Well, the massive undertaking in fan collaboration is complete, and after being, “featured in documentaries, news features and conferences around the world,” and winning a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media in 2010, the full movie is available to watch online.

I’ve only watch the opening scene on Tantive IV but already, I’m planning a screening for every Star Wars nerd I know. It’s a fantastic send up to the film that started it all. I particularly love the varying quality of the segments. At times you can tell someone was filming in their dorm to other parts realized in high quality digital animation. It’s such a mix, you have to appreciate a project that accepted work from anyone, not matter their filmmaking experience.

Check it out and let us know what you think? If they decide to take on The Empire Strikes Back will you take part?

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Star Wars is just one of those movies that fan go crazy for. They love merchandise, products, art, and more.

The latest of these is by artist Szoki which takes a much different take on them than you usually find. He took the aspects of one of the most iconic characters from the movies, Princess Leia, and chronicled the passage of time in the movies via her different outfits.  Also below are some very cool drawings of characters found within the Mos Eisley cantina, which you can see below the jump. For more awesome art, check out his portfolio website.



Do you know what a parsec is?

Being a science nerd, I learned a while ago that a parsec is not exactly what George Lucas had in mind to describe the time it took the Millennium Falcon in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to run the Kessel run.

Brian Marlow, the extremely funny science comedian, decided to discuss this during Wonderfest 2010.

Check out the extremely funny video below!


“These are not the posters you’re looking for…” But they are! Check out these minimalist poster interpretations of the original Star Wars flicks. Artist Andy Helms really captured the anticipation of battle in these prints for A New

Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Unfortunately these prints are sold out, but check out the art below and tell us what you think!

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