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From playing the part of Thug in ‘Manimal’ in 1983, then suddenly becoming a terror icon a year later as Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund’s sharknado of success was an immediate blessing. Like many typecast actors before him, Englund’s career as the monster from A Nightmare On Elm St.locked him into horror roles ever since. Here it is 2014 and he’s got films titled ‘Death House’ and ‘Fear Clinic’ in post-production. But at least he’s working, and we haven’t seen him don the Freddy claws since 2003’s ‘Freddy Vs. Jason.’ That is, until we got wind of his latest return to the role! The dream fiend is back – but for once it’s for a greater cause beyond killing off an entire town’s population of children. (more…)

A Nightmare on Elmstreet In 10 Minutes


I haven’t got any information on where this came from or why it was put together, but It. Is. BRILLIANT. You have Everyone from the original cast of Part 1 all the way up to Freddy VS Jason, well at least most of them. All of them redoing their lines, which is pretty funny considering the terrible dialog. Its a lot of fun to see the whole cast all grown up, some of them aged very well. . . Others? Not so much

source: buzzfeed

DVD Tuesday 4/13/10: Meh Week


It’s another Tuesday here in the month April and means one thing, DVD Tuesday. Compare to last week, there is some new stuff coming out but not as much as before and thus I say meh to this week. Like always, we here on NerdBastards will list out whats coming out and say what is worth a BUY, RENT, or PASS. Also, we will have a list of stuff you may already own but is being re-released as a Blu-Ray and we also have the return of the Anime DVD pick of the week. Check out after the jump to see what’s coming out. (more…)


Yes, in case you were wondering this is a picture of me on a typical Saturday when I was ten. I know I ruled, even then. Anyway, where were we, oh yeah…

Whatever your fancy when it comes to slashing, monsters, gore, and fucked up imagery there comes a time in every horror movie where the last remaining character must face off against the evil force that has massacred the rest of the cast.  God knows, the list is staggering, but most if not all modern day horror movie survivors must praise and thank these top 5.  Not only for knowing how to kick ass and take names, but they also helped create the cliche’s that every other horror movie after them has lovingly adapted to get some of their cast out of harms way. Here is the top 5 awesome characters that managed to escape their impending doom.