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You gotta hand it to HBO. They always put every last drop of effort in everything they produce, even if some of their works never quite make it to the bitter end (Carnivale nerds, you may now nod your heads solemnly). With Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 just around the corner, the network has recently gone ahead and released a featurette video, showing the work behind the elaborate sets that have contributed into making the grim fantasy mega-hit of the decade…


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Ever gone on internet message boards to prognosticate the future of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, the novels that HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on? Well, if you’ve put your thoughts on how the whole thing will end on some corner of the internet, you may be interested to know that your guess as might be correct. As readers, not to mention GOT writers, await the next couple of entries in the saga, author George R.R. Martin is letting the world know that a couple of shrewd operators already know how the whole thing will end, but they don’t know that they know. (more…)


Obligatory outrage at author George R.R. Martin writing anything other than The Winds of Winter aside, that A Song of Ice and Fire prequel we reported he was working on earlier in the year now has a release date. On December 3rd, Dangerous Women, an anthology of short stories from several, well known genre authors, of which Martin is also an editor, is releasing from Tor. Martin’s contribution is a short story entitled, “The Princess and the Queen, or, The Blacks and the Greens,” and it serves as history of a very famous Westerosi event, the Dance of the Dragons.

The ASOIAF Wiki describes the Dance of Dragons as,

A war of succession between Aegon II and his half-sister Rhaenyra over their father Viserys I’s throne, the war was fought from 129AL to 131AL. It saw the deaths of both rival monarchs, and the crowning of Rhaenyra’s son Aegon III.

And yes, there will be a quiz.

On his Not A Blog, Martin describes his retelling of the events as,

A history (somewhat abridged) of the Dance of the Dragons, as set down by a maester of the Citadel.

To get your very first taste of Martin’s account of Maester Archmaester Gyldayn version of the events head on over to Tor.com for an excerpt. But if that’s not enough, Martin teases,

The full 80,000 word account of the Dance will eventually appear in a book, as yet untitled, that we’re calling the GRRMarillion.

Ha! GRRMarillion. Hope he’s copyrighted that.

Dangerous Women releases later this year on December 3rd, and unsurprisingly, Martin’s story, “The Princess and the Queen, or, The Blacks and the Greens” will be the final story in the anthology. Think you’ll be snagging a copy? Or are you patiently awaiting The Winds of Winter? Oh, who am I kidding!? Is there anyone waiting for The Winds of Winter, patiently?

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Sooner rather than later the HBO series will begin work on Season 7, which is where I’m guessing we’ll see the events from A Song of Ice and Fire‘s sixth book, The Winds of Winter, begin to transpire. And while such a season may seem a ways off – Season 3 of Game of Thrones airs this Sunday at 9pm EST – that date is ever encroaching on author George R.R. Martin. It’s as if he can see David Benioff and Dan Weiss in the rear view mirror and he’s still stuck first gear trying to finish book six. At least GRRM’s aware of the problem, recently telling Mashable,

So I need to write faster. The last two books took a really long time, so I’m hoping this one [the Winds of Winter] will go a little faster. But I make no promises. I found out long ago that when you look at the overall task, the cathedral you have to build, it looks so daunting that you just give up and sit down and play a video game.

George, no video games! No more side projects! I want you working on nothing else but ASOIAF until The Winds of Winter is published and in my hands. Even then it’s only a short break before you need to bust out A Dream of Spring. And don’t even begin thinking about needing to split the seventh book into the seventh and the eighth. Just how much time do you think you have?!? The fans need an ending, HBO needs an ending.

And speaking of HBO, they’ve release yet another on set video for Season 3 of Game of Thrones, this one exploring “the wildlings,”

Hey, George. I saw you in this video. What are you doing recording commentary about the new characters and places we’ll be visiting in Season 3? Get back to your computer! Back to work on that draft!

Sources: Screen Rant, Winter is Coming


Every nerd gets excited at the chance to see their favorite literary character turned into a live action hero, we all know there’s an upside and a downside. Upside: creative control by a studio can take a character to new heights you’ve never imagined it’s like you’re experiencing the story for the first time. Down side: Where the hell is Glorfindel?

The latest to experience this, is none other than HBO‘s (fucking awesome) Game of Thrones, adapted from George R.R. Martin‘s epic tale  A Song of Ice and Fire. While the reasons characters/plots/ general story are sometimes altered ,disregarded, or whole chapters thrown in a fire to keep warm on chilly evenings, still remains a mystery, Martin had this to say in an interview with Amazon’s Omnivoracious Blog;

RAR: There do seem to be an increasing number of deviations from the books — not so many in Season 1 but more in Season 2…

GRRM: I think that’s a process that’s likely to continue, and some of that is just the nature of the process. I mean, when you make… Everything is related to everything else. So, if you make a small change in Season 1, it could lead to a really big change in Season 4 because the thing that was supposed to happen didn’t happen and the guy who was supposed to come in never appeared and it was just a line in that book but now you’re in this later season and you don’t have him set up. So, everything gets magnified and you have to deal with it.

So who knows what story we’ll end up with. Because According to Martin (and I’m just paraphrasing here) YA  FUCKED UP! WHAT CHA GONNA DO NOW?!?!? While those may not be his exact words, we know what he meant.

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I can already hear your cries of nerdy outrage, “But-but-but- The Winds of Winter doesn’t even have a release date, yet!!! How can he possibly even consider writing another book! Let alone another book within the A Song of Ice and Fire series!!” Okay, chill. We don’t want to anger the mighty George R.R. Martin, he holds the fate of so many beloved characters in his hands. And he sure loves killing characters. This prequel is a novella titled “The Princess and the Queen.” It’ll be released in an anthology with other authors’ work called Dangerous Women. Release date unknown, but let’s hope it’s before Winds of Winter. Or, y’know, I’d be okay with after as long as that means we’ll be reading Winds of Winter some time this year. Come on, George!

So once your rage over GRRM writing anything other than The Winds of Winter has dissipated, would you like to hear what “The Princess and the Queen” is about? It’ll focus on the Targaryen Civil War, the Dance of the Dragons – not to be confused with the fifth book in ASOIAF, A Dance with Dragons. The civil war went basically like this: when King Viserys I died he chose his daughter, Princess Rhaenyra, to succeed him. Disobeying this death wish was Ser Criston Cole, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, soon to be “The Kingmaker,” who chose Rhaenyra’s half-brother, Aegon, to be King, and civil war broke out. It was Targaryen versus Targaryen, and more importantly, dragon versus dragon. In the end Aegon won and was crowned Aegon II. Rhaenyra captured and eaten by Aegon II’s dragon, while her son, also named Aegon watched. Aegon II died soon after and since he left no heir, Rhaenyra’s son was crowned Aegon III.

That’s as much as we’ve known about this dance of the dragons, but “The Princess and the Queen,” as GRRM stated on his blog, will reveal, “the true (mostly) story of the origins of the Dance of the Dragons.”

What are you thinking? Excited to learn about a critical point in Westerosi history? Or would you rather just see The Winds of Winter release, like, now? I know I’m desperate for Winds of Winter, but I’ll also take what I can get. And anything Targaryen is fine by me. Fire and Blood, baby!

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We’ve known for a little while HBO‘s Game of Thrones was returning at the end of March, and as you can see on this newly released teaser poster it is the very end. We can venture back to Westeros on Sunday, March 31st at, I don’t know, maybe 10pm. There’s no official word on that yet.

But y’know, as teaser posters for Game of Thrones go, this one’s pretty boring. Last year had the hand thrusting a crown in the air, or there was the one with Ned Stark’s head on a pike. This is just a marble wall with numbers on it. Woo-hoo. I mean, the swords are a nice touch, but otherwise? Yawn.

Still doesn’t dampen my excitement for the return of Game of Thrones. How about you?

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