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In 2013, there were two movies released that could loosely by described as “Die Hard in the White House.” One of them was from Master of Disaster Roland Emmerich, which saw a terrorist raid of the presidential residence unfold like a buddy cop comedy with President Jamie Foxx and Secret Service wannabe Channing Tatum. The other film, Olympus Has Fallen, was definitely more deserving of the aforementioned reference to the seminal 1988 film thanks to hard R violence, and an everyman action hero who takes no prisoners, and takes no guff from men in suits. In that spirit, London Has Fallen does everything the first one did but bigger, louder, and bloodier than Gerard Butler‘s last presidential detail. (more…)


This trailer gives us a real proper look at what I, Frankenstein is all about. And what that is, well, I’m still unsure but it’s got gargoyles, fireballs, and one sexy monster. With all that it may surprise you to learn this version of Frankenstein’s monster, while based on the graphic novel of the same name by Kevin Grievous, is actually  closer to Mary Shelley’s original creation than the more popular Universal monster. In I, Frankenstein Aaron Eckhart not only talks, but talks intelligently, a trait usually left out of the Frankenstein character. I don’t believe Shelley ever considered the whole action hero, scythe-wielding angle, though, so it’s likely that’s where the similarities stop.

Check out the full trailer below the cut.


eckhart two-face

The land of Hollywood is one incestuous place and this has only become worse with the rise of the super hero film.  Rumors abound of what production companies may or may not be snatching up what actors, and much of the time they seem to revolve around stealing said actors away from other, competing super-hero producing studios.  This time around, Aaron Eckhart, in a recent interview with Nuke the Fridge, has hinted at the possibility of working with Marvel in the future.

Best known in geek circles for playing Harvey Dent/Two-Face over at the Warner Bros. camp, Eckhart certainly has the geek-cred to play most any comic role they give him and still maintain support from the fans.  As a valuable, audience-drawing asset, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Marvel was trying to grab him up

Check out the interview below to hear a little of what Eckhart has to say about living in the super hero genre:

Well, he did mention that Marvel may be interested… but other than that, there’s really nothing there.  Marvel may be thinking about using him, but the when, where and what-not of it isn’t even on the table yet.  You may all return to your normal dose of reality now.


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I,Frankenstein banner

Last week, the first shirtless image of I, Frankenstein star Aaron Eckhart made its way online and was only the first of what’s to come. With Lionsgate‘s plans to show off their prime talent in the famed Hall H at San Diego Comic Con, the studio is looking for more ways to promote their convention presence. And so, we have these exclusive I, Frankenstein character posters.

Featuring Aaron Eckhart, one of the film’s Gargoyle Order, and one of the Demons of Naberious, the three posters will be on display all convention long. Until then check out these full-sized posters below. (more…)


A new spin on Mary Shelley’s old classic novel, Frankenstein is in the works, this one titled I, Frankenstein.  It’s a modern-day look at the old tale and the Frankenstein that we all remember, in his towering and monstrous glory, is no more.  Instead, the titular monster is played by Aaron Eckhart and if you take a look at the picture below, you’ll know that this Frankenstein is probably going to get laid a lot more than old bolts-in-the-neck.

aaron eckhart frankenstein

The new version is based on a novel by Kevin Grevioux and features a Frankenstein that, in addition to working out and apparently getting massive amounts of plastic surgery, gets to do battle amongst gargoyles, demon princes and armies of the undead.  Yeah, it’s not your grandpa’s Frankie.  All we need now is a big breasted, pole-dancing Igor and we’re set.

You can check out the Sexy-stein in all his glory when the movie hits theaters come January 24th, 2014.


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We have to wait a little longer to see Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises, and NerdBastards’ Matthew Jackson is dealing with the wait by filling his head with as many other Batman tales as possible. In the six weeks leading up to the flick’s release, he’ll be revisiting all six Batman franchise films so far (yes, even the crap ones) and writing retrospective essays on what worked, what didn’t, and what each film means to the franchise at large.

So, we’ve come to the end of our little  journey, and I feel like I have even less new to say about this film than I did about the last one. The Dark Knight is perhaps the most analyzed superhero film ever made. It’s been picked apart by many a film critic, blogger and Batman geek over and over again for nearly four years, so why add my name to that pile? Well, for one, I still consider it the greatest superhero movie ever made (sorry, Mr. Whedon), and for another, I’ve been writing these pieces largely on the basis of my own discovery. As we approach The Dark Knight Rises, the idea was for me to go back, revisit the entire Batman film mythos and examine how each film makes me feel as I prepare for the coming of Nolan’s last film. When it came time to revisit The Dark Knight, this is what I found.


It seems that production on Stuart Beattie’s adaptation of the Kevin Grevioux graphic novel I, Frankenstein is underway in Australia. The film stars Aaron Eckhart as the titular monster, who’s survived till modern day and finds himself getting into all kinds of supernatural entanglements. The film c0-stars Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski and Miranda Otto.

Here’s the shot of Eckhart, in full Frank get-up, from location shooting in Australia:

Here’s more info about the film:

I FRANKENSTEIN is a modern-day epic: Frankenstein’s creature, ADAM, has survived to present day due to a genetic quirk in his creation. Making his way to a dark, gothic metropolis, he finds himself caught in an all-out, centuries old war between two immortal clans. As writer/director, Stuart Beattie said, “Mary Shelly’s story is about the creation of the first human being. This is the story about that being becoming human.”

“We’ve tremendously enjoyed making our UNDERWORLD franchise films and we are looking forward to working with Stuart and our partners at Hopscotch and Lionsgate to create a new world for a legendary character,” said Lakeshore’s Tom Rosenberg.

What do you think? For a good-looking guy, Eckhart sure loves to ugly himself up.

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Eckhart Two-Face

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”   Sadly, Aaron Eckhart’s Two-face character won’t be  living on in Batman 3.  Recently, Eckhart revealed that he is a fan on the outside looking in wonder what rumors are true or not true?  This is what he had to say,

“In fact, I just talked to Chris the other day. I saw him and I said, ‘So, Angelina as Catwoman?’ I talked to him about it as a fan, you know? I’d like to see that. Or Johnny Depp as the Riddler, right?”

Of course by now we know that our witty and oh so charming “Forger”  Tom Hardy, from Christopher Nolan’s Inception will be playing the Riddler in the upcoming Batman.

Surprisingly, Eckhart isn’t upset or disgruntled by any means at the fact that he won’t be making an appearance in the third.  Which quite frankly I’m little disappointed about.  THis is what Eckhart siad about not being inthe next Batman installment,

“It was such a great experience to be one off and to be in the movie with Heath Ledger, and to have Chris even put me in the movie is just wonderful. I just feel like it’s its own entity. It’s its own capsule in the Batman series. So they’ll go on and I’ll watch them and be very happy with what I have.”

I mean the Scarecrow got to make an appearance in the sequel so why can’t Two-Face show up for a super sweet scene like that in Batman 3.  What do you guys think about Two-Face being absent from the upcoming Batman flick?

Source: ComicBookMovie