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Speak Up: Jim Carrey’s Love Letter to Emma Stone as Read by His Ass

The ever so creepy and way meth-facey, Jim Carrey (Dumb and Dumber) recorded a personalized video message to actress Emma Stone (The Help, The Amazing Spider-Man) and posted it to the Internet. Sounds harmless enough, but the Canadian actor ups the iggy factor. Not only does he confess his love for the red headed wonder, but he admits that if not for their 27 year age difference, he’d  bang the shit out of her.

I think this happens to some guys, where they don’t realize that they are now the creepy old dude and it is completely inappropriate to even look in the direction of a lady under 30. Jim, you’re that dude now.

Anyway, Jim later reported that the video was intended to be a joke (Yea right!) but the real joke came from the magic of the internet. Thanks to Jeremy Hyler and his youtube page  he ingeniously turns the video from creepy to internet gold. Blending the audio from Jim’s love confession with ass talk video from Ace Ventura Pet Detective, Jeremy created the perfect way to say “I love you”.


Via: Film Drunk

Princess Leia vs. Ace Ventura


I wonder about a lot of things. Like today for example, I thought: Why do bathroom stall doors push open as opposed to pull open? Honestly, how  is anyone besides a smurf and Warwick Davis supposed to get out? I also wondered who would win in a fight, Ace Ventura or Princess Leia? Yep, these are the kinda things I think about. I’m a weird guy. Well, lucky for me the latter has actually presented itself. In a short, but funny youtube video, user OneMinuteGalactica brings to our awareness another lesser known,  but just as important battle on Endor. One involving a man and his monkey vs. a woman and her monkey.

Is Star Wars and Ace Venture good thinking? Well, that’s for you to decides. Regardless, I think we can all agree that “3 darts is too much”.