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‘Archer’ Final End Date Announced


The seven seasons of Archer that have been broadcast so far have provided one hell of a rollercoaster ride through the exciting lives of the espionage experts of what is now The Figgis Agency. After a bit of a wobble in the middle when it seemed like the gang were heading in a completely different direction, the seventh season had all the ingredients that made Archer so addictive in the first place and it felt like they might just go on forever, solving mysteries and causing havoc and dealing cocaine. Maybe one day baby AJ would take up her parents’ explosive mantle and it really would go on indefinitely… (more…)

FX Renews ‘Archer’ For Three More Seasons

Archer 3

The seventh season finale of Archer concluded on the kind of cliffhanger that left fans at a total loss to guess where the show was going next. It seemed a very real possibility that the next chapter of the ex-spy now private eye’s story would be left to the annals of fan fiction. It was the kind of ending that could’ve been an epic blaze of glory that had people talking for a long, long time. Perhaps a fitting end to the world’s crudest spy. (more…)

Top 10 Things About ‘Archer’ Season 7

Archer is to Blame

After six seasons of intrigue, espionage and a brief stint drug dealing, the Archer crew returns to cause just as much mayhem ever. The seventh season sees the team returned to their old ways under the new guise of The Figgis Agency, following the dissolution of all previous business attempts. Now full time – but unqualified – private dicks, begrudgingly working underneath Cyril, they embark upon a season-long mystery that takes them into the circles of movie stars and the clutches of murderous clowns. (more…)

Matt Thompson Talks Live Action ‘Archer’ Movie


The last episode of Archer season 7 has just been released. It has truly upheld the Archer style with its signature humour spanning the grim to the immature and always explosive. It has had an epic run already, only slightly dented by its rocky coming of age period during the confusing fifth season, Archer: Vice. Producers Matt Thompson and Adam Reed have no intention of letting down those fans that are eager for more. (more…)

Why You Should Be Watching ‘Archer’

Archer 1

A few weeks ago, FX launched the seventh season of Archer. For anyone who has been living under a rock for the past seven years, the animated comedy follows the explosive, often drug fuelled misadventures of the World’s Most Dangerous Spy, Sterling Archer. Working for his domineering mother’s organisation, the International Secret Intelligence Service, Archer and his colleagues delve into the darkest intrigues of national security, blundering their way through shoot-outs and drunken orgies with the world’s most wanted criminals. (more…)

It was done so quietly in the sixth season premiere that some fans didn’t even notice two guys pulling down and rolling away the large circular blue ISIS sign. Archer and company, for the past five years have been working for ISIS, International Secret Intelligence Service. In light of recent world events in the middle east it’s easy to see why the creator of Archer, Adam Reed and the show’s producers Matt Thompson and Casey Willis decided to make this change to the show.