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Everyone has their own favorite Batman. Every Nerd worth their salt has an opinion on who was the best Batman, who was the best Bruce Wayne, and who was the best at both. And every Nerd’s ranked list differs just a little from the Nerd standing next to them. So here’s our favorite Batmen, ranked best to worst. But this time, we want to hear from YOU. Which Batman was the best? Who didn’t cut it, in your not-so-humble opinion? How wrong were we? Post in the comment below and let us know which Batman stands where in your list. If this post does well and you opinionated (nerd)bastards comment like hell, there could be some Bat-related prizes for future posts…


Like a lot of actors, Adam West passed away leaving a body of work yet to be released, and if you’re a fan of the Fox animated comedy Family Guy, it’s probably been top of mind for you just how long much longer Quahog will be living  under the firm, often bizarre and occasionally nonsensical leadership of Mayor “Adam West”. Well, if you’ve already read the headline, then you know that there are five episodes of the show that West completed before he passed away earlier this month, but the show’s executive producer is also talking about the fate of West’s animated persona. (more…)

Adam West NBC PowerlessWe’ve been in an Adam West-less world for a little less than a week, and as the tributes and memorials continue to roll out, fans can seek solace in seeing the actors remaining work released posthumously. West, who passed away on the 10th of June after a far too brief battle with leukemia at the age of 88, earned his iconic status by not only being everyone’s first Batman, but also by making numerous appearances that often served as an endearing little wink to his status in pop-culture.

Last March it was announced that West would be appearing on NBC’s DC Comics superhero meta-comedy Powerless, however the show was canceled before the episode aired. In true heroic fashion, DC Entertainment has made the episode,  titled “Win, Luthor, Draw,” available for a limited time and you can watch it below. (more…)

The hearts of nerds around the world were struck a devastating blow this month when Adam West, the original Batman, died after a short struggle with leukemia earlier this month. Friends, family and fans have been laying out tribute and paying their respects in the days since, with people from all over the world noting the impact he has had on the character of Batman, the franchise and the world in general. It was announced yesterday that the iconic Bat Signal, traditionally used to summon the caped crusader to action when a crime had been reported, would be lit above Los Angeles tonight in West’s honour. (more…)

Saturday’s tragic news that TV’s Batman, Adam West, had died after a brief battle with leukaemia hit the fan community hard. It didn’t matter that West’s Batman wasn’t the Darkest Knight, that he wasn’t a broody and disturbed misanthrope that poured years of rage and grief into beating the tar our of criminals, he was, to many, the Batman of a generation. As always, there’s a camaraderie amongst superheroes, even amongst Batmen, and among the numerous people to state their grief for the loss of West are those that took up his mantle in the cape and cowl.  (more…)

Adam West Has Died at the Age of 88

An icon of nerd culture and the man behind easily the most distinctive and unique Batman portrayals ever broadcast, Adam West will always have a special place in hearts of people all over the world. As well as being at the core of all the camp and colourful nostalgia of nerd culture, he was famously cheerful and friendly, not to mention pro-active well past the age at which many people retire. Today it was announced by a representative of the West family that, at the age of 88, Adam West has died after “after a short battle with leukemia”. (more…)


This coming Monday in a theatre near you, it will be your first chance to see Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, the all-new DC Animated Universe movie, which is based on the Batman TV series that aired on ABC from 1966 to ’68. Getting to hear the voice of Adam West and Burt Ward as the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder again, along with Julie Newmar as Catwoman, will be a treat, but there are more than three reasons to check out the new animated Batman movie when it comes out on DVD and Blu-ray in a couple of weeks.  (more…)


Everyone was thinking that our next best hope for a less dour and apocalyptic Batman on the big screen in the near future was The LEGO Batman Movie in February, but now Will Arnett and Co will have to step aside for a moment when another Dark Knight cuts in. It’s been announced that Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders, the latest DC Comics Animated Universe movie, will follow in the very successful footsteps of Batman: The Killing Joke with a one-night only run in theaters before its home video release. For the first time in 50 years, Adam West and Burt Ward will be back on the big screen as Batman and Robin. (more…)


You’d be forgiven if you detected a hint of melancholy hanging over this year’s Fan Expo Canada. Three out of the four surviving cast members of the original Star Trek series cast are here to mark the 50th anniversary, and there’s an entire section called the Stan Lee Zone dedicated to the Man’s final Canadian appearance. But two more 60s icons are calling it day after the show’s doors close on Sunday, and they are Batman and Robin, Adam West and Burt Ward. The two appeared at Fan Expo Friday morning for their final Q&A before retiring from regular convention appearances.  (more…)


There’s a new animated Batman movie about to bring back the nostalgia of the 60’s television show as well as the voices of Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar. Yes it’s campy, but it is campy FUN and it’s just the way we like it. There’s nothing wrong with a little light-hearted superhero action. Not everything has to be dark and foreboding… yeah, we’re looking at you Zach Snyder. So grab a bowl of cereal and watch this Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders trailer as you’re transported back to sitting way to close to the TV. You’ll ruin your eyes! (more…)